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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 70

November  2018

CMDBuild DAY 2018

cover CMDBuild DAY 2018

There are only a few days left to CMDBuild Day 2018, the videoconference which will be held on Tuesday 20thNovember.

It is a very important event to listen to the numerous speeches that can be offered thanks to the availability of some users of the system.

This year the event is even more awaited also because it will be an opportunity to talk about the new version 3, the most important release since the initial version 1.0.

The CMDBuild DAY 2018 program is the following (CET time):

  • 10.00 am: opening of the conference and initial greetings;
  • 10.10 am: the CMDBuild 3 project (video presentation by the Maintainer Tecnoteca);
  • 10.30 am: case studies presented by some important users of CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT;
  • 3.30 pm: in-depth discussions with the Server and Client-side Designers of CMDBuild 3 (by the Maintainer Tecnoteca);
  • 4.00 pm: Greetings and closing of the conference.

The event will be held in English language, given the presence of speakers and participants from many different countries.

Participation is free but registration is required. Everyone is invited to participate, even for a part of Conference if for any reason cannot attend the whole event.

Hashtag of the event #cmdbuilday2018

CMDBuild DAY Speakers


The CMDBuild Day 2018 speeches and case studies will be presented by (in alphabetical order):

  • ANT Group S.r.l. - Company providing reliability to broadcasting and utilities networks - Massimiliano Malonni
  • awesomeWare Co. - IT consultancy and software development services company working in the nuclear energy field - K. Anders An
  • CGI Portugal - One of the largest international IT and business consulting services Company - Jorge Ribeiro
  • CITIC-Prudential Fund Management Company Ltd. - Investment advisory Company, maintains assets for individual and institutional investors in equity and fixed income portfolios - Jason Liu
  • Comdata S.p.A. - International industrial group operating in the business services sector in the areas of customer assistance, back office processes and credit management - Francesco Regazzo
  • Estracom S.p.A. - Company providing telecommunications services for companies, individuals and public institutions - Alessio Neri
  • Eurovita S.p.A. - Italian leading Insurance Group - Giancarlo Quagliaroli
  • Keep Point S.c.r.l. - Consultancy and Services Company working in the environmental and energy field - Elisa Cum
  • Lario Reti Holding S.p.A. - Company managing the Integrated Water Service of the Municipalities of the Province of Lecco - Ezio Maino
  • Liguria Digitale S.p.A. - Public IT Company of the Liguria Region - Carla Lunardi and Cristiano Spotorno
  • OSS Laboratories - IT Consulting Company specialized in enterprise infrastructures with Open Source Software - Satoru Funai
  • Pulse Secure, LLC - A leading provider of secure access and mobile security solutions to both enterprises and service providers - Nagaraju Budoor
  • Sicilia Digitale S.p.A. - Public IT Company of the Sicily Region - Franco Fieramonti
  • UMCG, University Medical Center Groningen - One of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands, established as a joint activity of the University of Groningen and the Academic Hospital Groningen (AZG) - Leon van der Krogt
  • Universität Innsbruck - One of the main Public University in Austria, the largest education facility in the Austrian Bundesland of Tirol - Yasmin Khairina
  • VEM Sistemi S.p.A. + DZ Engineering S.r.l. - VEM Sistemi is a Company providing ITC services and solutions; DZ Engineering is a Company designing and implementing integrated solutions for lighting, telecommunications and audio-visual systems - Presentation of a solution for the maintenance of lighting, electrical, electronic and data transmission systems of the Port of Ravenna - Giovanni Toscani and Mirco Assirelli

Tecnoteca, the company that has developed and is the Maintainer of the open source CMDBuild project, will propose an initial video presentation of the new CMDBuild 3 version and two technical in-depth interventions that will focus respectively on the Server and Client components of CMDBuild 3.

The interventions of Comdata, Keep Point, Lario Reti and VEM Sistemi with DZ Engineering will describe use cases of the openMAINT application, the remaining interventions will be related to use of the CMDBuild READY2USE application.

Progress of the new CMDBuild 3 version


In the last two months we have proceeded with the development of the new version 3.

In the Data Management Module, we have implemented the printing of the reports (based again on the Jaspersoft editor and libraries), the possibility to include “custom pages” (now written as the GUI with Ext-Js), the filter views, the possibility to view filtered lookup lists.

We have integrated the 3D viewer of BIM models in IFC format (see next news), including the possibility to open the viewer directly from the GIS territorial map.

In the Administration Module, have been implemented the workflows, reports and configurations sections (general, multitenant, workflow, DMS, GIS, BIM, server management). We have then started the implementation of the sections related to users, roles and permissions, which will be integrated in the next release at the end of January.

The server-side development has provided the REST methods necessary for all the implementations listed above (reports, BIM and all the new features included in the Administration Module). We have then continued with the implementation of unit tests and integration tests, and worked on the resolution of the highlighted malfunctions.

The release of this newsletter has been anticipated a few days due to the CMDBuild DAY event. Before the end of this week we will release as well the update of the CMDBuild 3 preview, that you will be able to check shortly at this link (username = demo, password = demo).

The next two months will be dedicated to the completion and the fine-tuning of user and permission management functions, including the multitenant functionality. The release to a Customer of the first implementation based on CMDBuild 3.0, expected by the end of this month, will produce useful feedback to make the system more stable (fix of any bugs, GUI improvements, etc.).

GIS and BIM in CMDBuild 3


We report an in-depth look at the geo-reference mode of objects on maps, floor plans and 3D models in CMDBuild 3.

In general, the same technologies and components of the current version will be maintained.

For the GIS part, CMDBuild 3 will have the following news:

  • in the text data management panel on the right of the map, there will be a further TAB for displaying the selected data card;
  • it will be possible to memorize the configured thematic mappings and recall them later, simplifying as well the configuration wizard;
  • objects with a BIM representation will be highlighted on the map and it will be possible to open the IFC viewer directly from the map.

For the BIM part, CMDBuild 3 will have the following news:

  • in the Administration Module it will be possible to import multiple IFC files of the same building (for example relating to the structural part, to the electrical system, to the thermal system, etc.) and then display them individually or together in the Data Management Module;
  • in the text data management panel, on the left of the graphic area, there will be present a further TAB for displaying the detailed information of the selected card;
  • it will be simplified the setting of the transparency and the high-lightening on the model of the selected object;
  • it will be moved in the graphic area, as icons, the selection of the camera position (front, side, top), the related “reset” command and the choice of how to move the model (translation, rotation).

The preview will shortly contain the main features of both GIS and BIM.

Tecnoteca and openMAINT at the Udine 3D Forum

Udine3D Forum is an event dedicated to the promotion and the dissemination of the use of new technologies in the design, planning and production world.

The University of Udine, the Municipality of Udine and other local representatives of the world of research and professions, are part of the Scientific Committee of Udine 3D Forum.

The event will be held from November 15thto November 18th2018 and will be hosted by the University of Udine.

Tecnoteca will participate with a presentation entitled “From BIM to Facility Management”, held by Fabio Bottega and Anna Pascoletti.

Starting from some introductory and methodological considerations, it will then be shown how the openMAINT application could interoperate with other systems in the context of a BIM project, making available its operational capabilities of Asset Inventory and Facility Management.

Particular attention will be given to the Maintenance Manual (“Knowledge Base” of the maintenance policies), the scheduling and execution of work orders of scheduled maintenance and the management of breakdown maintenance interventions.