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CMDBuild Newsletter n. 71

January  2019

Soon the release of CMDBuild 3.0


The activities for the release of the new version CMDBuild 3.0 are proceeding well, both on the server components and on the user interface.

In the last period, on server-side we have focused on the complete revision of the security management mechanisms, both for the features already present in 2.x version (users, groups, permissions on classes and processes, restrictions on rows and columns, permissions on reports, views, filters, custom pages, etc.) and for the new multitenant configuration.

The REST support services have been implemented for the new client-side functionalities, including the email management and the relationship graph.

In the Data Management Module, we have worked to support security management, to implement email management (Email TAB and Email widgets) and to rewrite the advanced search filter component.

We have then completed a first subset of functionalities of the relationship graph.

In the Administration Module, all the implementations related to the configuration of Users, Groups and Permits have been completed, including the multitenant configuration.

At the end of last December, we have made a CMDBuild 3.0 alpha version available for download.

In the last few days, we have updated the public preview (username = demo, password = demo) with the features described above.

The work will continue in the coming weeks, with the latest features planned in the Data Management Module (user preferences, form triggers, missing widgets), in the Administration module (filters, views, localization, task manager, GIS and BIM configuration) and on the Server side (support REST methods).

At the end of March, the awaited release of the new 3.0 version will be available.

The CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT roadmap


In parallel with the development of CMDBuild 3.0, we are also preparing the new 2.0 versions of CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

Both applications will be migrated to the new “core” environment CMDBuild 3.0, from which will inherit the new graphical interface and the other new features released.

The usability will then be improved starting to use the new standard features available: setting of help and validation rules, activation of automatisms through the form triggers, configuration of the context menu, adoption of the new workflow engine “Tecnoteca RIVER”, highlighting of the status and of the action to be carried out in the processes, etc.

Both applications will also be extended with several application improvements.

CMDBuild READY2USE 2.0 will include for example a more complete management of SLAs and KPIs, a dashboard for managing Incidents and Requests, a new Problem Management process, a new feature for Preventive Maintenance, a better management of the scheduling.

openMAINT 2.0 will have a revised data model, in order to share the basic structure with CMDBuild READY2USE and to facilitate the porting of some functionalities between the two applications, a dashboard for the management of maintenance requests, the control of SLAs, the configuration of additional reports, a better management of the scheduling.

CMDBuild READY2USE 2.0 will be released next June, openMAINT 2.0 will be released next July.

We will provide more information about this topic in the next newsletter.

Published the videos and slides of CMDBuild Day 2018

cover CMDBuild DAY 2018

Last 20th November we have organized the CMDBuild Day 2018, fifth edition of the biennial event born in 2010.

The number of case studies presented (16), and the number of participants from all over the world (more than 250) have confirmed the success of this event.

All the videos and the slides have been published on this page of the CMDBuild website.

These are testimonies of important private and public organizations that, together with the case studies of the previous editions, provide to whom is evaluating CMDBuild a lot of information about the motivations of the choice done by other organizations and about specific configurations in real use situations.

Case studies are not limited to the IT area, but also extended to the Facility Management with different openMAINT applications.

The event has been also an opportunity to discuss about the new CMDBuild 3 project, presented by Tecnoteca, developer and maintainer of the project, through an initial video and two technical in-depth speeches done by the two designers of the server and client components.

The next sixth edition of CMDBuild Day will be in 2020!

CMDBuild Reference & Case Study: Servizi ST (Italy)


Servizi ST is a company specialized in design and implementation of IT systems for the mobility sector and works in particular to support local public transport companies on road and rail in South Tyrol.

Just over a year ago, Servizi ST started a market research to identify a support application for the management of its assets and the choice fell on the product CMDBuild READY2USE, deciding to adopt it with the support of the maintainer Tecnoteca.

The scope of use was somehow different from a standard application, since the assets of interest were not only computer systems but also included dedicated peripherals (industrial PCs, obliteration machines, all the components of the charging systems, on-board network equipment, etc.), in addition to the means of public transport themselves (buses, trains) on which the peripheral devices are present, the stations and the external elements (stop signs, information totems, etc.).

The first activity of the contract was therefore related to the initial collection and importation into the system of all assets to be managed, recovered from other applications in use.

The assets have been migrated into CMDBuild reconstructing their mutual relationships, which fully describe the IT infrastructure of the entire charging system. In order to support Servizi ST in the provision of its service with certain SLAs, it has been activated and is now in use the Incident Management process, with which are collected, tracked and resolved the problems, both within the Servizi ST company and from all their customers.

The Request Fulfilment process has also been activated for the management of requests for licensing to internal information systems.

In order to improve management efficiency, the Scheduled Maintenance functionalities will also be implemented in the coming months, which will use the logic and the standard functionalities already implemented by Tecnoteca in the openMAINTapplication dedicated to the Facility Management.

Other planned activities are the extension of Incident Management to other clients, each managed by a helpdesk and specific specialists, and the creation of a mechanism for the creation of assets starting from predefined templates.

Webinar and workshop about CMDBuild 3

We have planned a webinar on January 31st, where we can provide an update on the progress of the new CMDBuild 3.0 version and a preview of some new features already implemented.

At the end of the presentation it will be possible to ask questions through the chat tool and to have a feedback from Tecnoteca’s technicians.

The webinar will be held in English language.

The participation is free and registration is required via this form.

This is the first of several events scheduled in the coming months to present the new developments of the project.

In particular, we are organizing a workshop in Rome, on the occasion of the final release of CMDBuild 3.0. We will provide shortly update information about the date, location and program.