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CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 103

MAY 2024

Latest Developments for CMDBuild 3.4.4

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 103

Latest Developments for CMDBuild 3.4.4

Our team is committed to continually improving the platform, with a focus on stability and features that simplify the application's usage.

The release of CMDBuild version 3.4.4 is scheduled for the end of July. In this version, we have focused on:

  • Bug Fixes: We have fixed several bugs to improve system stability.
  • Performance Optimizations: We have made improvements to make CMDBuild faster and more responsive.
  • User Experience: Small but important enhancements in the user interface.

Some of the new features included in version 3.4.4 will be:

  • Added ForeignKey attribute management in classes and processes.
  • Support for CQL filters on N:N domains
  • Management of permissions on the waterWAY Service Bus

In addition to the activities on version 3.4.4, we are dedicating a significant portion of our resources to the development of CMDBuild 4.0, which we have already discussed in previous editions of this newsletter.

CMDB Updates: New Data Model and Connectors

erWe are making significant improvements to the data model of our Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Our team is revising the structure of the Configuration Items (CI) and the records to ensure more efficient and organized information management.

Main Changes to the Structure of CI and Records

The new structure of CI and records has been redesigned to optimize data management and accessibility. Here are some of the main changes:

  • Improved Organization: CIs are now classified in more detail, with categories and subcategories that better reflect our IT resources.
  • Data Accessibility: The records have been revised to facilitate access to critical information, making it easier for operators to obtain the necessary data quickly and efficiently.
  • Standardization: To further improve the quality and consistency of data within the CMDB and make connectors installation easy, we have created specific standards for the data retrieved by the connectors.

Development of New Connectors

In parallel with the revision of the data model, we are working on developing new connectors to improve data integration and synchronization. In particular, we are rewriting the VMWare connector to ensure compatibility with the new data model.

VMWare Connector: Synchronization of Virtual Machine Data

The new VMWare connector is designed to automate and enhance the management of virtual machines within our CMDB. Here are some key features:

  • Automated Synchronization: The connector automatically collects and synchronizes virtual machine data, including statuses, hardware configurations, and resource usage.
  • Periodical Updates: Thanks to the VMware connector, virtual machine data is updated periodically, ensuring that the information is always accurate and reliable.
  • Efficiency and Precision: By reducing the need for manual input, the connector minimizes human errors and increases operational efficiency.

Tecnoteca webinars

logo_webinarOn February 29th, a webinar dedicated to presenting the most relevant features of CMDBuild 3.4.3 version was held.

If you didn't have the opportunity to participate in the webinar, you can watch it by visiting the event page.

Please note that webinar videos are always available on our portal.