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CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 75

September 2019

Release of CMDBuild 3.1.1

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 75

Today we have released the maintenance version CMDBuild 3.1.1.

After the many new features of versions 3.0 and 3.1, we wanted to take the time to solve some bugs reported by the first users, optimize some parts of the code and make available a more mature CMDBuild 3 version.

In addition to the bug fixes, CMDBuild 3.1.1 includes as well some new functionalities.

The most important one is related to the Administration Module and allows to define a personalized layout for the data cards of each class, operating on a virtual grid of rows and columns on which it is possible to position in a visual way (drag and drop) the class attributes. In this way an attribute can occupy a single column or can be expanded to occupy the entire row, and each cell of the grid can contain one or more attributes, thus safeguarding the alignments.

The new version includes as well the following other new features:

  • has been modified the management of Boolean attributes, to distinguish in the user interface the case of null value (field never valued) from the case of false value;
  • has been improved the user interface for managing processes with parallel activities;
  • have been made available form triggers on processes for the execution of personalized behaviours (extension of the mechanism already available in normal classes).

For those who have already activated version 3.0 or 3.1, the update to CMDBuild 3.1.1 will be performed automatically by the Patch Manager; those who are still in a 2.x version, can migrate directly to CMDBuild 3.1.1.

Work in progress for CMDBuild 3.2

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 75

The next target release will be the CMDBuild 3.2version, scheduled at the end of the current year or at the beginning of the next one.

The new version will include manyimportant new features, including:

  • retrieve of dashboards, temporarily excluded from the first 3.x versions;
  • retrieve of the Wizard Connector type task;
  • retrieve of some password control functions;
  • retrieve of CAS (Central Authentication Service) authentication;
  • management at the “core” level of the “Deadlines Archive” (please check the following news for a more detailed description);
  • new GIS implementations: completion of thethematisms, display of the objects present around a point on the map, search for an address;
  • extension of user preferences: initial page, class and process grids configuration, default filter for each class;
  • new types of processes permits;
  • new role of “limited” administrator with the possibility of creating users on his own Tenant;
  • service functions for the administrator: viewing and downloading log files and other system files;
  • update to Java 11.

New server-side and client-side automatic tests will also be implemented, to further improve the quality of the CMDBuild code.

New “core” features: Deadlines Management

CMDBuild 3.2 will integrate new “core” functionalities for the Deadlines Management, which may contain for example obligations related to contracts with customers and suppliers, orders, certifications, guarantees, periodic operations on assets, etc.

The deadlines can either be automatically generated by the system at the insertion of new data cards including “data” type attributes, or manually entered in the resulting Deadlines Archive.

In the first case, the System Administrator can define the generation criteria (start, end, number of occurrences, type and frequency value, notification mode, etc.) and associate them with any “data” type attribute of any class. The user can view and/or modify these criteria when entering or updating a data card of that class, and the resulting deadlines will then be recorded in the Deadlines Archive.

In the Deadlines Archive it will be possible, having the necessary permits:

  • to display the list of deadlines, with standard functions search, filter and print;
  • to view/modify the complete data card of a deadline, with information on the category, date, description, group/user involved, status, etc.;
  • to close or cancel a deadline by intervening on the status and on the date of execution;
  • to access the “Calendar” view and view the deadlines on that typology of interface;
  • to view the notifications received.

The system will then be extended to perform complex actions at the time of expiration: report sending, workflow start-up, task execution, etc.

CMDBuild Reference & Case Study: IT City - Municipality of Parma

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 75

It.City SpA is an in-house company of the Municipality of Parma founded in 1999 with the aim of guaranteeing the full efficiency of IT systems and creating/integrating systems to support management processes related to activities and procedures of the entity.

It.City during 2018 has activated a software selection process in order to identify a CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base) system capable of managing the IT processes of asset inventory and service desk; at the end of the selection process It.City decided to install the Italian open source CMDBuild READY2USE solution created by the Tecnoteca Srl company.

In collaboration with Tecnoteca, have been carried out analysis, deployment and configuration activities, in order to adapt the CMDBuild READY2USE software both to the technological infrastructure of the Municipality of Parma (VMware, Microsoft Active Directory) and to the Service Desk processes (Incident Management and Request Fulfilment) and infrastructure management (Change Management).

The CMDBuild READY2USE application has been in production since January 2019, manages around 2000 items among clients and servers, and supports about 1400 municipal employees in reporting and resolving failures and requests for IT Services.

Webinars of presentation of new CMDBuild READY2USE 2.0 and openMAINT 2.0 solutions

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 75

A webinar will be held tomorrow, September 26th, at 4:00 PM (CEST), when we will present the main features of the new CMDBuild READY2USE 2.0 application, specific for the management of IT Assets and Services.

The participation is free, the registration is required via this form.

We have then scheduled for Thursday 24th October at 4:00 PM (CEST) a webinar to present the main features of the new openMAINT 2.0 application, dedicated to the Facility Management.

Also in this case the participation is free and the registration is required. The registration form will be available from October.

Both webinars will be held in English language.

In both of them, at the end of the presentation, it will be possible to ask questions via chat and get answers from Tecnoteca Technicians.

New CMDBuild Project website

The new website of the CMDBuild Project is online, with a graphic and functional restyling.

The new site has again been developed with the open source Plone CMS and has a new graphic template, to adapt to mobile devices.

The site proposes, in a new version, two important functionalities such as the Forum and the Newsletter.

The new Forum is based on the open source Discourse platform and offers tools that help to improve the community sharing, helping and supporting experience.

The new Newsletter, integrated with the Plone site, offers a new design that is easily accessible even from a smartphone and improves the mechanisms for Privacy protection in accordance with the GDPR Regulation.

In the coming weeks, the CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT vertical solutions websites will also be restyled.

At the end of these activities, the Tecnoteca website and the three CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT products websites will constitute a single integrated environment, in which information and functionalities will be shared.