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CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 79

May 2020

Back to office

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 79

After more than two months of smart working, we returned to our office, having the possibility of seeing, talking, listening and working together without necessarily having to organize video calls to solve any need for discussion.

Some requirements remain to ensure the distance between people and travel is very limited, waiting for the moment when the risk is further reduced.

Concerning the CMDBuild developments, we have started in February preparing the new CMDBuild 3.3 version, we continued it in smart working in April and May, and we proceed now with the missing activities.

The numerous implementations foreseen in the new version were initially divided into five milestones, lasting five or six weeks each. We have now completed the third and we plan to end development activities by mid-August, in order to be ready at the beginning of September for the final release.

Regarding an update of the list of expected news, please refer to what was described in the previous March newsletter.

In order to fulfil the needs collected in various customer’s orders currently under development, it has been decided to work more extensively than expected in the extension of the management functions of the attachments. We mention in the next news the main aspects regarding this.

The development of our pre-configured solutions CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT also proceeds in parallel. You can find here below some more detailed information on the new openMAINT 2.1 version.

Then we are also working at the rewriting of the Mobile APP. Concerning this topic, please refer as well to the previous March newsletter for more information.

Improvements in Document Management

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 79

CMDBuild has always included the possibility of attaching documents and files to the data cards stored in the system, using its own user interface to upload and download documents and an external DMS (Document Management System) as a specialized document archive.

The suggested DMS is Alfresco Community (open source) and the communication protocol is CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services).

Keeping these indications, the goal of the new implementation is to extend the management of the attachments, enriching them with additional metadata, differentiable by category of documents through mechanisms referable to the standard concepts of CMDBuild classes and attributes.

To give an example, it will be possible to connect to the card of an “IT Asset”:

  • administrative documents (invoices, bills or other), specifying the protocol number or the issue date;
  • repair sheets, specifying the date of the intervention and the name of the person who authorized it;
  • technical documents (manuals, technical data sheets or other), specifying the language and the number of pages.

To achieve this, in the CMDBuild Administration Module it will be possible to:

  • define particular “lookup” lists called “Document Category”, including possible types of documents, and associate it with a class (in the case of the “IT Asset” class, the category may be “IT Asset Documents” and may contain the items “Administrative Documents”, “Repair Sheets”, “Technical Documents”);
  • configure specific “classes” called “Document Model”, which like normal CMDBuild classes can be made up of attributes of any type except Reference (in the example mentioned above, Protocol number, Issue date, Date of intervention, Authorizer, Format, Number of pages) and will be associated with a specific Document Category;
  • indicate the mandatory or minimum or maximum number of attachments in a Document Category.

Among the improvements that are present in the new version, we also mention the possibility of viewing a preview of the document (function supported by the CMIS protocol) and the possibility of uploading / downloading multiple files in a single operation.

The new openMAINT 2.1 version

The new openMAINT 2.1 version will be enriched with new features relating in particular to the management of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.

In Preventive Maintenance it will be possible to:

  • have the calendar of the scheduled maintenance activities generated automatically, instead of manually as now;
  • use a user interface with optimized usability to record the results of the inspections and maintenance activities expected in the maintenance plan (check list);
  • check and configure the SLAs on the execution times of each activity phase.

In Corrective Maintenance it will be possible to:

  • request an initial quote from one or more suppliers and thus identify the one to whom the job should be assigned;
  • define multiple work orders (sub-activities) to solve the same fault, assignable to teams with different skills and different priorities and SLAs;
  • record the working times differentiated by type of professional figure and calculate the costs on the basis of a price list of labor;
  • record the spare parts and consumables used, download them from the warehouse and calculate costs on the basis of a price list of materials;
  • view the economic data in a final step of reporting and print the pre-invoice.

openMAINT will also benefit from the improvements in the Document Management described in the previous news and from the other CMDBuild 3.3 new features.

The release of the new openMAINT 2.1 version is scheduled for next September.

openMAINT Reference & Case Study: ATS Milano Città Metropolitana

79_03.pngATS Milano Città Metropolitana is the most extensive of the Health Protection Agencies constituting the Social and Health System of the Italian Lombardy Region, including 194 Municipalities and 3 and a half million inhabitants.

Last December ATS Milano published a tender on its portal for the acquisition of an application, and related technical assistance and maintenance services, for the computerized management of its real estate assets.

The software sought had to ensure the management of the property dossier and of the accounts relating to the income assets and of the institutional headquarters of ATS, including the archiving of the administrative, accounting and technical documentation.

More specifically, the following functional areas were considered:

  • inventory of real estate assets (buildings, infrastructures in the area, lands, etc.) belonging to the different ATS districts and related to the services provided and destinations of use;
  • inventory of mobile assets (security devices used, etc.);
  • financial management of budgets, suppliers, contracts and purchase documents;
  • accounting management with breakdown of expenses (thousandth tables), management of fees, payment notices (PagoPA), deadlines and collections;
  • georeferencing of assets on floor plans and territorial maps;
  • reporting and management dashboards.

Tecnoteca was the winner of the tender, formalized at the beginning of this month, and are now taking place the personalized installation and configuration activities of openMAINT, to fulfil the requirements defined in the tender specifications.