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CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 89

January 2022

New CMDBuild 3.4 version released

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 89

We have released the new CMDBuild 3.4 version.

From the architectural point of view, the most important innovation is the introduction of the CMDBuild Service BUS called waterWAY, a new layer that extends and reorganizes the system interoperability services: data and message flows, batch processing, input/output modules, error handling and notifications, webhooks.

New capabilities were then added in the dynamic configuration of the data model with:

  • availability of new types of attributes of type links, files, formula and multi-value lookup;
  • improvements to some types of pre-existing attributes: 1:1 domain reference, Markdown support, encrypted attributes.

A new IFC viewer has been integrated for the representation of 3D BIM models, based on the open-source project xeokit, which provides additional features, better documentation and a more promising roadmap.

Further minor innovations concern then:

  • possibility to configure "inline" widgets on the main data card of the class;
  • GIS extensions: management of permissions for geographic attributes, loading of DWG files from the map, organization of layers in a menu, information on points in the map;
  • restoring the history of relationships and other minor activities.

With the release of CMDBuild 3.4, are now also available the new versions of CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT updated to the new version of the core platform.

Tecnoteca joins the Zucchetti Group

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 89

Tecnoteca announced in recent days its entry into the Zucchetti Group, a leading company in the Information Technology market.

The operation took place through PAT, a Zucchetti Group company operating in the ICT field of Enterprise solutions in the CRM field and in advanced Service Management projects.

PAT and Tecnoteca aim to create a reference pole in the Italian and international market for IT Service Management and for the automation of processes of medium and large companies.

The R&D teams of both companies, anticipating the evolutions that the market requires at an international level, aim to develop new digitalization experiences in the areas of ITSM, Facility Management and automation of omnichannel processes with integration of AI technologies.

"In a constantly evolving market, where the digitization and automation of processes for effective service management is now essential in any public or private reality, I believe that Tecnoteca's open-source offer identifies a concrete response to the needs of many organizations, both in the PA and in other sectors. The key that has pushed us to carry on this collaboration, in which I strongly believe, is to be able to respond in an increasingly concrete and measurable way to the objectives of companies that want to adopt an effective management of IT Services or an advanced Customer Service. I am very happy that two realities come together to share their experiences and find new solutions to concretely respond to the challenges that the market presents to us: with the shared technological skills of over 100 professionals, who will begin to collaborate in synergy, we will identify a center of reference for capabilities and solutions, in the IT Service Management field”- declares Patrizio Bof, President and founder of PAT.

"We are excited to have joined the Zucchetti Group, with which we share the value of people, customer orientation and the continuous propensity for technological innovation. Our goal was to consolidate Tecnoteca and increase the international diffusion of our CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT products, preserving the open-source license and increasingly supporting the community that follows us. With this operation we can say that we have fully achieved this goal, guaranteeing the company's growth and long-term stability for our customers. The close collaboration with PAT, a Zucchetti Group company that operates in our own market, will then allow us to improve the product offer and take advantage of commercial and technological synergies" - said Fabio Bottega, CEO of Tecnoteca.

CMDBuild "low code" platform

A low code development platform (LCDP) is an environment that facilitates the development of applications using parametric configuration mechanisms and supporting graphical interfaces, substantially reducing code writing.

This type of tools, baptized for the first time by Forrester Research in 2014 with the name "low code", has seen in recent years the birth and spread of dedicated tools offered by general vendors including Oracle and Microsoft, specialized vendors and vendors producer of vertical applications designed on their own "low code" platform such as Service Now and Salesforce.

Those who have followed our project for a long time, will have noticed how the philosophy, the design logic and the technical mechanisms implemented in the CMDBuild platform are those of today's "low code" platforms since the first public release occurred in 2006, when this name did not yet exist.

All CMDBuild behaviors have always been based on metadata configurable with "low code" logic:

  • definition of parameters and drag&drop operations that can be performed through the visual interface of the Administration Module for the configuration of the data model, security aspects, menus, document aspects, views and filters, import/export templates, GIS & BIM configurations, etc.;
  • visual editor of workflows (XPDL descriptor);
  • visual editor of report (XML descriptor);
  • visual configuration of dashboards;
  • scripts imported into the platform and subject to access control mechanisms for the generation of custom pages of user interface;
  • scripts defined in a visual way in the platform for the definition and control of background services.

Each vertical application configured on CMDBuild uses the "core" code and the platform parsers, which interpret the metadata, perform server-side operations and create the client-side web interface for operators, who can thus operate by updating data, starting and advancing processes, running reports, viewing dashboards, etc.

A solution of this type guarantees countless advantages: maintainability, guaranteed evolutions (version updates for all customers), customizations at a reduced cost, sharing of basic services (authentication, security, scalability, interoperability, etc.), reduction of time to market, support for "agile" development processes in close and continuous contact with the customer.

We can say that CMDBuild has been the first open-source enterprise low code platform to appear on the market and is now among the most complete available solutions.

CMDBuild Reference & Case Study: Walter Bösch GmbH & Co KG (Austria)

BoschIn 1932, the engineer Walter Bösch founded a domestic engineering business.

Today the name Bösch stands for high quality products and services in building technology.

The sale of high-quality products for heating, air-conditioning, controlled ventilation and building automation is our daily work, professional advice and after sales service is our passion.

With CMDBuild we manage IT assets for our 700 employees in the DACH (D - Germany, A - Austria, CH - Switzerland) region, we keep an eye on contracts, public IP addresses and use it as a descriptive authority for VMware. The Mobile APP makes it easy to manage any kind of inventory on the go.

The open character of the solution powered by great Open-Source software makes it easy to integrate with existing processes and eco systems.

Jasmin Dizdarevic
Head of IT

Tecnoteca webinars

A first webinar for presenting CMDBuild 3.4 version was held on Thursday 27th January. The video recording of the event is available here.

A second webinar to complete the presentation will be held on February 17th.

Last December 16th we have presented a webinar concerning the CMDBuild READY2USEdata reconciliation” functionality. The video recording is available here.

We have then planned a new webinar for next March dedicated to openMAINT and in particular to the aspects of Economic and Logistical Management.

The video recordings of the webinars already held remain available for interested persons.