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CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 92

July 2022

Latest developments and tests for the CMDBuild 3.4.1 release

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 92

We are completing the preparation of the new CMDBuild 3.4.1 version.

In the March and May newsletters we have described some of the upcoming news of this release.

In the last few weeks we have included some additional features:

  • implementation of Microsoft's Modern Authentication and Google's OAuth2 in accounts for sending emails;
  • improvements to the Scheduler: configuration of multiple notifications both email and in-app, navigation to the source card;
  • enabled the contextual menu on the rows of the card grids and workflow instances;
  • cluster configuration improvements for high reliability.

By the end of August we will then start the standard release procedure which will include a series of requirements, including:

  • final execution of the complete battery of automatic tests (server-side module, user interface and load) and extended verification of the results;
  • verification on real databases of the correct functioning of the Patch Manager for automatic updating of system tables;
  • release of the first “release candidate”;
  • additional manual tests on the CMDBuild platform and on the CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT verticalizations, updated to the new version of the platform;
  • sending updated localization files to contributors and integrating new translations;
  • recycling with new release candidates until any problems encountered are resolved;
  • public release of the new version and documentation (changelog);
  • updating of product sites and online demos;
  • preparation of new appliances reserved for customers.

The release date of the new CMDBuild 3.4.1 release is currently confirmed for the end of September.

A preview of the new features of the next CMDBuild READY2USE 2.3 version

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 92

The release of the new CMDBuild READY2USE 2.3 and openMAINT 2.3 versions is also expected in autumn.

In this issue we describe the main new features of CMDBuild READY2USE, which will include:

Integrations and improvements to the Asset Management Module:

  • optimization of the choice of attributes and column widths in the main data grids;
  • views from preconfigured joins for displaying lists of customers / contracts / SLAs and personnel / assets assigned;
  • improvements of widget and contextual menu for QR Code generation;
  • “Attachment List” control report, with the list of all files uploaded to the system, for the class chosen as a parameter.

Integrations and improvements to the Service Desk and Service Management Module:

  • possibility of configuring the SLA control for the Request Fulfilment process with the same logic already available for the Incident Management process;
  • dynamic presentation of custom attributes when opening a Request depending on the type of related service;
  • graphic restyling of the form for the definition of the SLAs.

Integrations and improvements to the Data Reconciliation Module:

  • rewriting, as part of the new waterWAY Service Bus, of the connector with Active Directory for staff synchronization;
  • rewriting, as part of the new waterWAY Service Bus, of the connector with VMware VCenter for the synchronization of virtual servers.

Other implementations made possible by the new features made available by the CMDBuild “core” platform:

  • use of the new types of attributes available from CMDBuild 3.4 (links, files, etc.);
  • improvements to visualizations on the map: info window, file fields on the form, navigation tree of the layers, etc.;
  • sending “in-app” push notifications, in addition to email notifications in IT processes;
  • definition of a specific layout, with only the relevant information, to be shown for closed processes.

Bug fix.

CMDBuild DAY 2022

As already mentioned in the previous newsletter, we are organizing the CMDBuild DAY 2022, a biennial appointment with CMDBuild users and with all the people interested in the project.

The event will be held via videoconference next November.

We are collecting some initial offers from CMDBuild users willing to share their experience by proposing their own case history for the event.

We invite all those who have already adopted CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT and would like to share their experience, to contact us as soon as possible.

For examples of possible types of case histories, the videos of all the interventions held during the previous six editions of the CMDBuild DAY are published here on the project website.

Tecnoteca webinars

logo_webinarOn July 14th a webinar about openMAINT GIS and BIM functionalities module was held. The video is available at this link.

We are going to take a break until September. We will go again live in autumn, with the presentations of the new versions of all our products: CMDBuild 3.4.1, CMDBuild READY2USE 2.3 and openMAINT 2.3.

The recordings of the webinars already held remain available to interested persons, at this page you can find the links.