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CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 94

November 2022

CMDBuild READY2USE 2.3 and openMAINT 2.3 released

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 94

Today we released the new versions CMDBuild READY2USE 2.3. and openMAINT 2.3, both based on the CMDBuild 3.4.1 core, released at the end of September.

Here you will find the news of the new version of CMDBuild READY2USE, the application dedicated to IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM).

Here you will find the news of the new version of openMAINT, the application dedicated to Property & Facility Management.

There are both new application features and application improvements, made possible by the new features available in the CMDBuild 3.4.1 platform.

The same improvements are also available in the Mobile APP, usable with smartphones and tablets.

Are you ready for CMDBuild DAY 2022?

CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 94

There are now only two days left for CMDBuild DAY 2022, the seventh edition of the biennial event for CMDBuild users and all the people interested in the Project.

The event will be held this Wednesday 30 th November, as videoconference, in English.

Participation is free, but registration is required via this form.

Here below you can find the agenda of the event, with the names of the speakers and the titles of all the presentations.

The day, organized in collaboration with PAT, will be conducted by Marco Lorusso, who, speaking from a location very particular, will accompany us on a journey to discover some of the most interesting stories of the CMDBuild project.

We hope that the project applications and scenarios presented by the speakers will help participants to better understand the configuration potential of CMDBuild and the wealth of features available in CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT, and can provide useful ideas to those who are thinking of using these solutions.
Here you will find the programs of the previous editions 2010 / 2012 / 2014 / 2016 / 2018 / 2020 and the videos of all the case studies available.

Event hashtag: #cmdbuilday2022

The CMDBuild DAY 2022 Agenda

As always, the event will focus on presentations of case histories by Companies and Institutions that use CMDBuild.

The agenda for the day is as follows:

Morning session, at 10.30 CET:

  • Welcome greetings - Fabio Bottega - Tecnoteca 
  • The CMDBuild project - Marco Lorusso - Moderator
  • Low Code open source, Market trends - Nicoletta Boldrini - Journalist and scientific writer
  • "One form to rule them all", Dynamic Web Portal forms using the CMDBuild Process REST API - Paul Tap - Armorica - Netherlands
  • CMDBuild: Broadcast Asset Management - Sergio Gios - SKY  - Italy
  • CMDBuild to support business processes: commercial flow management and service delivery in AGSM Smart Solutions - Gabriele Colombo - AGSM AIM - Italy
  • IT Asset Management & Service Management, Market trends - Nicoletta Boldrini - Journalist and scientific writer
  • CMDBuild Implementation with custom data model, The fine line between high flexibility and little effort - David Heiß - Diringer & Scheidel GmbH & Co - Germany
  • The CMDB management with CMDBuild READY2USE - Gabriele Callimaci - Crédit Agricole - Italy
  • Question and Answer session

Afternoon session, at 13.30 CET:

  • Facility Management, Market trends - Nicoletta Boldrini - Journalist and scientific writer
  • AFIx: industrial air cooling maintenance software - Gianmarco Azzolin - Axial Fans Int  - Italy
  • CMDBuild not only for the management of IT assets but as a service delivery platform in the Public Administration to support the digital transition - Luca Morocutti - Comunità di Montagna della Carnia - Italy
  • The use of CMDBuild for the work organization of Information Systems - Andrea Quarta - Valsoia - Italy
  • OMDB: CMDBuild @ Maximus - Barry Leibson - Maximus  - USA
  • CMDBuild for Capital Asset Planning - Margot Knight / Jess Davis - Schneider Electric - USA
  • Question and answer session
  • Final greetings and closure of works

The new CMDBuild 3.4.2 version is in progress

Completed the release of version 3.4.1 we are planning the next CMDBuild 3.4.2 version, which we expect to complete by summer 2023.

We can anticipate some new features of the next version:

  • more granular management of “limited” administrators, with the possibility of enabling them separately for each function of the Administration Module;
  • possibility of including attachments in parametric form in the email notification templates (both document files and dynamically produced reports);
  • provision of entry points in the authentication phase, to insert custom code that implements additional control logics;
  • new type of task for managing the “bus descriptors”;
  • mobile configuration page (active flag and customer code) and QR Code generation for automatic configuration of the APP;
  • possibility for the administrator to identify emails not sent due to errors, correct them and resend them;
  • improvements to the history display page, with the possibility of applying filters that extract only the modifications of interest and the possibility of consulting only the modified attributes;
  • possibility of activating the extended display of information in the Attachments TAB, similar to the Reports TAB.

We are also thinking about more important implementations on the Mobile APP:

  • offline mode;
  • push notifications.

As well as on other more general improvements:

  • application triggers to populate the Description field;
  • global and email search;
  • improvements in the relation graph;
  • customizable “favorites” menu;
  • better management of passwords for access to external systems in waterWAY.

We will keep you updated in the next newsletters about these activities.

Tecnoteca webinars

logo_webinarA webinar on the new features of CMDBuild 3.4.1 was held on October 27th . Here the video is available.

The presentation webinar of the new openMAINT 2.3 version has been scheduled for January 26th .

The presentation webinar of the new CMDBuild READY2USE 2.3 version will be held on February 16th.

The recordings of the webinars already held remain available to interested people, here you will find the links to access.