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CMDBuild Newsletter nr. 68


July  2018


Work in progress

Progress of the new CMDBuild 3.0 version

The CMDBuild 3.0 Administration Module

openMAINT reference: Petruz Fruity (Brazil)

CMDBuild DAY 2018 - Call for papers




Work in progress


The 2.x version series has been actually completed with the 2.5.1 release, which took place last May. There will still be a last 2.5.2 version, expected after the summer, which will be limited to some improvements to the BIM features and to bug fixes.

The activities of the Development Team have been since some time almost completely dedicated to the new CMDBuild 3.0 project, which we describe more in detail in the next news.

Our Application Engineers are as well already working on CMDBuild 3.0. Having the need of using already some of the new mechanisms (triggers, validations, custom pages, contextual menus), in the last few days the first two customer’s orders based on the new 3.0 version have been entered, with the goal of delivery and launch in production by the end of the year. This will give more work to our technicians, but will also allow us to anticipate the “field tests” of the new version.

After the summer, the project revision of CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT products will also be launched. It will not be simply a migration to the new version, but above all an improvement and extension of current functionalities, using new technical solutions now available and including into the standard version some features successfully developed in the last year.

The release of CMDBuild 3.0 will obviously not contain all the expected new features. The features that for reasons of time cannot be included since the beginning will be released in subsequent 3.x versions.

Progress of the new CMDBuild 3.0 version


In the last two months we have worked in parallel on all the components of the new project.

On the client side, we focused on the new mechanisms for implementing user interface parts with customized layouts using “widgets”, “custom pages” and “contextual menus”.

Once the basic logics have been defined, we have applied these to create the “linkCard” widget (selection of rows from a grid) that you can find for example in the Incident Management workflow in the updated 3.0 preview. We are now implementing the “customForm” widget (editing of an inline grid) and we are going to proceed in the next two months with the remaining standard widgets already present in 2.5 version. The innovation of the 3.0 version is that in the same way we can develop both additional standard widgets and custom widgets, and that each user of CMDBuild can make his own widgets and share them with other users.

On the client side we have also started the development of the Administration Module (see also the following news). In the new preview the basic functions to create a new data model from scratch are visible and already functioning (you can access it via the second button from the left in the header of the Data Management Module): creation and modification of classes, creation and modification of attributes, creation and modification of lookup lists.

Moreover, on the client side, we are working on geo-reference functions on territorial maps, on GIS floor plans and on 3D IFC (BIM) models. In the next public preview (end of September) we plan to integrate maps and GIS floor plans.

On the server side we have written the code and the structures necessary to support the functions described here above, and we have implemented the related REST services to make these available to the client.

We have then performed some optimization tasks, creating new cache, introducing new system classes for the new 3.0 version metadata and improving the management of localizations.

Implementation of automatic tests, both on the server and on the client side, have been carried on.

The updated 3.0 demo is always accessible at this link (username = demo, password = demo).

CMDBuild DAY 2018 - Call for papers

The CMDBuild Day 2018, the fifth edition of the biennial meeting for CMDBuild users, will take place on 20 November.

As already done two years ago, we will meet in videoconference, to facilitate the participation of people from all over the world.

As in previous editions, the objective of the day is to give the floor to those who are using CMDBuild or openMAINT and want to share their experience, helping other potential users. Therefore, the presentation and the discussion of case studies, typical of the different scenarios of application usage, will have a central role in the event.

The formula will be the same as in the previous editions, with the addition of space for use cases of openMAINT, being now numerous the installations of also this solution.

All news and updates will be published on this page dedicated to the event.

We are pleased to invite all users of CMDBuild and openMAINT to fill in the form to propose a speech, with a brief description of the Company/Organization, the reasons for choosing CMDBuild, the implemented functionalities, the difficulties encountered, the benefits obtained, the expected developments.

The CMDBuild Day 2018 will be held in English language.

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    CMDBuild and openMAINTare open source software developed and maintained by Tecnoteca and released with AGPL license.

    The CMDBuild 3.0 Administration Module


    The layout of the Administration Module will follow up the graphics of the Data Management Module, declined in gray and blue colors, keeping the grid solution with “inline” display of the selected row and the use of a popup window for its complete visualization and modification.

    All the functionalities of the current 2.5 version will obviously remain available, some of which already visible in the updated preview (see previous news).

    It will be then added the possibility to manage the new metadata provided in the 3.0 version:

    • for classes: trigger, context menu, validation rules, possibility to display inline (field-set of the base board) widgets, details and other elements;
    • for the workflows: choice of using the Shark engine or the new engine made by Tecnoteca;
    • for attributes: help message, visibility rules, validation rules, post-validation actions, CQL filters in lookup attributes;
    • for lookup items: text color, symbol color, icon;
    • for users: “tenant” membership (single or multiple).

    It will also be possible to import the code of the custom pages and custom widgets into the database.

    New functionalities will then be developed, which, according to the progress of the activities, can be made available in 3.x versions immediately following the 3.0:

    • implementation of new types of attributes: multi-value lookup, file, formula;
    • configuration of “views” with attributes of several classes and definition of the “join” criteria in a visual way;
    • control panel for system management: verification and restart of services, monitoring of resources, connected users, status of batch connectors, access to logs;
    • configurations for push messaging.

    openMAINT Reference & Case Study: Petruz Fruity (Brazil)


    Petruz Fruity is a Brazilian leading company with 35 years of experience in the tropical fruit market, specialized in the Açaí berry business.

    In November 2017 we started using openMAINT, with the purpose of recording Company’s maintenance data, registering the service orders of the Company's maintenance team, etc.

    Using the open source openMAINT solution we managed to easily register and manage all the service activities of our Maintenance Team, improving our way of working and performances.

    We are planning as well some future activities with openMAINT, and, thanks to the flexibility of the tool, we will customize the solution adding some fields, settings, and so on.

    Auriane Marques da Costa (IT Support Analyst)