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CMDBuild newsletter nr. 28

November 2011

CMDBuild is a configurable web application to model and manage a database containing assets (CMDB stands for "Configuration and Management Data Base") and handle related workflow operations.

CMDBuild is promoted by the Municipality of Udine and developed by Tecnoteca srl.

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Work in progress

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we are now working on a major refactoring of the workflow that includes migration to version 4.1 of the Enhydra Shark engine.
The refactoring regards implementation of process parallelism, graphical enhancements and usability.

Since these are major changes, we'll release a intermediate 1.5 version that "anticipates" workflow refactoring and includes some features like:

  • refactoring of some workflow widgets and release of a new calendar widget
  • introduction of widget concept on cards (as well as on workflow) with the initial release of the first two or three implementations
  • other interface improvements (including WYSIWYG editor for "text" fields)
  • bug fixing
And also:
  • the release of the Technical Manual in English language
  • new Russian localization (thanks to Andrey Khlebnikov)


Extending the widget concept

Widgets have been used in CMDBuild to add features to the workflow execution.

For example, configuring some special "buttons", you can get a list of cards filtered using CQL, view / compose emails, print reports designed with iReport, view / edit a card, open a calendar filled with events filtered using CQL, and so on.

From version 1.5 you'll be able to use some of these widgets directly in CMDBuild.

The first widgets released will include:

  • direct printing of a report regarding the current card
  • calendar overview for current card
  • popup window with filtered results based on custom parameters
  • ping command for IP address stored in current card

With these new features we plan to extend the idea of CMDBuild as a "general purpose" system, allowing the integration of specific functions.


CMDBuild case history

We've configured a new CMDBuild installation that's not used for IT operations.

We're talking of "ERSA FVG", a regional organization that works in the sector of agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, and promotes regional farms.

CMDBuild has been configured to handle textual data and geo-reference farms, to support inspections visits with a dedicated workflow and to produce reports and other analysis.

The database is also queried via SOAP from a public website that shows all the farms, with custom filters and advanced maps (website developed by Tecnoteca).


New CMDBuild website !

The official CMDBuild website is online with a new design and new contents.

We added pages to explain CMDBuild usages (IT and non-IT) and we've translated in English some additional sections (case history).

We've updated the Roadmap and now it's possible to leave comments, suggestions.

The new website was created with Plone 4.1, the open source CMS used by Tecnoteca to develop websites and other services.


CMDBuild su Source Forge

From a few weeks CMDBuild is also on SourceForge, the web platform for collaborative development and publishing of open source projects.

SourceForge is the most famous source code repository, it's online since 1999 and handles over 300,000 projects (among active and abandoned).

On the project page you'll find info pages, updated source code and official downloads!