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The opinion of some users of CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT.

Antel (Uruguay)

In Antel we are already using CMDBuild in production.

It served us beautifully for the model of classes and their relationships, and to load and display data. Until now we loaded 11400 cards divided into 43 classes, and the model is not yet complete. The software has responded very well to our requests and expectations, enabling us to perform sophisticated analysis. For example, we have been able to verify the impact of the shutdown of a power line on production applications, having represented complex aspects such as service redundancy, clusters, etc.

We made reports directly querying the database, to navigate along the relationships graph defined between CIs. This is particularly important for us because through the reports we perform impact analysis by simulating the execution of configuration changes required.

There are a few details that we would like to be possible, for example to delete relationships and attributes even if there are data loaded. But anyhow these details do not interfere with the current use of CMDBuild. In the future, once consolidated our model, we plan to enable document management and process management.

In summary, our experience has been very positive, so much so that we are already using CMDBuild into production.

Greetings, Edmundo Moris

Posted on: 27 novembre 2009

Posted by: Edmundo Moris