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ANTEL Uruguay


Antel is the national telecommunications operator in Uruguay.

After the Spanish localization of CMDBuild we were contacted by the Antel Computer Division, who had known the application thanks to CED department of the Municipality of Montevideo; Antel was looking for support for the CMDBuild application.

They used their internal technicians and resources to activate a CMDBuild installation and use it as an enterprise CMDB.


We provided the following services:

  • forum support (available to the whole community)


We're using CMDBuild in production environment.

We use the application to model classes and relations and display all related informations.

Right now the system has 11400 cards and 43 classes, but we are still improving our model.

The application matches our requests and expectations, allowing us to perform sophisticated analysis. For example, we could see the impact of the shutdown of a power line on production applications, having represented complex aspects such as the redundancy of services, clusters, etc..

We've created reports using the database, we've browsed the relations defined between CI. This is really important because, using the reports, we perform impact analysis by simulating the execution of configuration changes.

There are some features we'd like to integrate such as relations / attributes deletion (even on a populated system). Anyway these details do not change the current use of CMDBuild.

In the future, once consolidated our model, we plan to enable the management of documents and processes.

In summary, our experience was very positive, in fact we are already using CMDBuild in production environment.

Edmundo Moris

Antel - Computer Science Division


antelANTEL - Administración Nacional de Telecomunicaciones