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ATS Milano Città Metropolitana

ATS Milano Città Metropolitana is the most extensive of the Health Protection Agencies constituting the Social and Health System of the Italian Lombardy Region, including 194 Municipalities and 3 and a half million inhabitants.

At December 2019 ATS Milano published a tender on its portal for the acquisition of an application, and related technical assistance and maintenance services, for the computerized management of its real estate assets.

The software sought had to ensure the management of the property dossier and of the accounts relating to the income assets and of the institutional headquarters of ATS, including the archiving of the administrative, accounting and technical documentation.

More specifically, the following functional areas were considered:

  • inventory of real estate assets (buildings, infrastructures in the area, lands, etc.) belonging to the different ATS districts and related to the services provided and destinations of use;
  • inventory of mobile assets (security devices used, etc.);
  • financial management of budgets, suppliers, contracts and purchase documents;
  • accounting management with breakdown of expenses (thousandth tables), management of fees, payment notices (PagoPA), deadlines and collections;
  • georeferencing of assets on floor plans and territorial maps;
  • reporting and management dashboards.

Tecnoteca was the winner of the tender, formalized at the beginning of this month, and are now taking place the personalized installation and configuration activities of openMAINT, to fulfil the requirements defined in the tender specifications.