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CIRA - Italian Aerospace Research Centre (Italy)

Currently I'm taking care of Configuration Management at CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre), mainly on projects involving the development of "flying demonstrators." Given the complexity of these projects, it is required an accurate configuration management, particularly for the components and the relative project documentation with related "Data Sheet"; the use of an "ad-hoc" code it is therefore essential for this management.

CMDBuild has been chosen as solution, being "open source" and because it has been developed to meet these specific needs. Since any improvement is always desirable, for our needs it would be useful the integration with the documentation management platform Documentum IMC2, for which at CIRA it has been created a specific application (Document Tracking) as customization of WEBTOP 525.

Posted on: 01 luglio 2008

Posted by: Fabio Russo

Office/Role: Configuration Management