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CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (Italy)


CISM organizes university courses with professors, students and other participants coming from european universities and research centers.

To manage these activities, the CISM needed an application to: structure a database with entities (teachers, participants, courses, fees and other costs, etc.), produce various reports and set up workflows to manage recurring tasks (courses registration, booking rooms, etc.).

CMDBuild solved the main needs of the company

Further advantages of the system were given by CMDBuild web technology and open source license.


We provided the following services:

  • installation support
  • data model analysis and configuration
  • initial data import from existing database
  • report configuration, both tabular type (course list, address lists, etc.) and "mail merge" type (labels, letters, certificates of attendance / participation, etc.)
  • support for functional integration between the official website and CMDBuild database (a specific Django library has been created)
  • maintenance service


CISM - Centro Internazionale Scienze Meccaniche

Piazza Garibaldi