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Municipality of Udine (Italy)

During years 2006 and 2007, the staff of the Information and Telematic System Services of the Municipality of Udine has been engaged in a revision of the service processes provided to users. The opportunity to re-think in key of greater efficiency/efficacy of the ICT processes has been given with the adoption of ITIL best practices, adapted to the particular organizational needs of the Municipality.

The use of CMDBuild represented an opportunity for us to organically organize, within a single repository, the massive amount of information daily managed from internal and external staff of the Municipality, as part of the services provided by the Information and Telematic System Services Administration.

Among the configuration items managed by CMDBuild, currently there are not only technology assets and application services, but also user access credentials, installation locations, maintenance contracts, etc.

Posted on: 01 luglio 2008

Posted by: Antonio Scaramuzzi

Office/Role: Responsabile Servizio Sistemi Informativi e Telematici