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Municipality of Udine - Civic Museums (Italy)


In Udine are active a dozen of civic museums dedicated to different cultural areas, including the Gallery of Ancient and Modern Art, the Project Galleries, the Archaeological Museum, the Art Library, the Ethnographic Museum of Friuli, etc..

Overall there are thousands of objects, of different value, subject to inventory and of potential interest to local fans and beyond.

The Information Systems of the Municipality of Udine suggested to the Director of Museums the application CMDBuild.

The activation of CMDBuild required an analysis of the problems that needed be managed, and this was achieved through a series of meetings with various museums managers.

Then we proceeded with an initial data import, collecting numerous Excel files and creating a workflow to support artworks displacements (loan, restoration, laboratory analysis, internal exposures).

According to initial requirements, the system will also support the Museum visitors who will be able to check the database of artworks of the Municipality of Udine using the web site  "Udine Culture"  and using special "totems" placed inside the museum.


We provided the following services:

  • virtual machine with all the required components
  • data model analysis and configuration, including artworks definition based on ICCD legislation
  • initial data import based on Excel files
  • workflow configuration to support artworks activities (loan, restoration, material handling
  • integration of art catalogue on a public website (www.
  • training and support activities
  • maintenance service


Comune di Udine - Civici Musei

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