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Toscana Regional Council (Italy)


The Regional Council is a legislative institution of the Region.

The Toscana Regional Council staff is made ​​up of officers and council members.

The ICT Service manages the whole institution, supporting both, officers and council members.

Manager decisions, staff reductions and the attention to service quality led to a growing interest in the ITIL world.

CMDBuild was the right tool to use, it could be integrated respecting some basic technical requirements:

  • dynamic management of classes and relations
  • configuration of custom workflows, according to data model
  • integration with intranet portals to create a social network and support collaboration between users and IT structure
  • open source, to support community and improve the application


We provided the following services:

  • support for CMDBuild installation and configuration,
  • including additional components
  • data model analysis and configuration
  • initial data import (server, client, network devices, personnel, etc)
  • liferay portlet integration (the portlet is now a standard CMDBuild component)
  • incident workflow configuration with Liferay portlet integration and direct activation of Change Management and Asset Movement workflows
  • change Management workflow configuration
  • asset Movement workflow, with Work Orders integration (also for external suppliers)
  • IT Accessories Movement workflow
  • asset and Personnel Movement workflow
  • report design and configuration
  • training and support activities
  • annual maintenance service


Our office provides support services to approximately 500 members of the Regional Council, managing infrastructure and network services in collaboration with internal staff (approx. 5 employees) and Carlo Cammelli (manager).

In 2006 we find out that the ITIL world was the right choice to keep high services quality, but fewer resources.

ITIL was useful not only for IT but also to handle movable assets (inventory) in the PA.

We teamed up to analyze and handle inventory so that it could be a good input for the CMDB.

CMDBuild was the best tool to solve our problems and support our work.

It's really interesting that CMDBuild supports ITIL because we believe in the ITIL guidelines to improve our services; also, CMDBuild is open source, and this gives us the possibility to share our knowledge and experience with other users.

Carlo Cammelli

Information Technology Manager


Toscana Regional Council supported CMDBuild software in the following events:

  • during the 2008 annual conference of itSMF Italy, held in Milan on November 12, Dr. Carlo Cammelli described the introduction of ITIL Best Practices, supported by the CMDBuild system
  • during the event "ITIL and PMBOK, project management and service management in comparison", held in Florence July 1, 2009 at the headquarters of the Toscana Regional Council and targeted to analyze connections between ITIL and PMBOK methodologies. Dr.Cammelli opened the meeting and introduced the CMDBuild system
  • during the 2009 annual conference of itSMF Italy, held in Milan November 19, 2009, Dr. Carlo Cammelli shared with participants the results obtained with ITIL and CMDBuild

toscanaThe referent (Carlo Cammelli) took part in CMDBuild Day 2010.


Consiglio Regionale della Toscana

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