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The increasing complexity of the tasks managed by our office brought us in early 2007 to approach ITIL and to look for appropriate tools for managing the DB configuration and for the coordination of processes related to the Service Desk Management.

After analysing various options on the market we have found on the net the CMDBuild project, promoted by the Municipality of Udine. The project impressed us first of all because the organizational characteristics were very similar with our structure and then for its technological connotations.

We were positively impressed both by adherence to ITIL logic and by the extreme flexibility and customizability of the system.

After a first attempt to download the product, we decided to start a real project, including also organizational and training aspects of personnel involved.

So the project started in October 2007, with the collaboration of Cogitek and Tecnoteca.

The first project phase ended in October of 2007 with the creation of a DB configuration, while the second and more challenging phase has then involved the analysis and development in CMDBuild of the Event Management (incidents, service requests and information requests) and Change Management (standard and non-standard) processes.

In February 2008 the whole Service Desk activity (first and second level) was completely managed by CMDBuild.

We aim to extend the system in the next few months developing new features, which for example would allow us an easier update of information expected by the DB configuration and would enable a more transparent communication between users and Service Desk, using web tools for interaction and consultation of internal processes.

Posted on: 01 luglio 2008

Posted by: Antonia Consiglio

Office/Role: Responsabile dell'Ufficio X CED