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Municipality of Udine (Italy)


The Information Systems of the Municipality of Udine provides IT services to the users and maintains all the devices used in the various offices.

In 2005 it was decided to review and optimize the management processes in accordance with ITIL "best practices" (IT Infrasctructure Library ), and outsource the support service.

Both decisions needed a support system.

The Municipality then considered the possibility of teaming up with Tecnoteca, which was already a supplier, to design and develop an Asset Management application, based on well-defined technical requirements and licensing.

These requirements denoted the need of a customizable CMDB web application with a workflow engine and a report engine.

The application could be released with GPL license.

This collaboration represents the birth of the CMDBuild project, starting with a core version commissioned by the Municipality of Udine and many years of evolution and functional enrichments created with the support of numerous other public administrations and private companies.


We provided the following services:

  • analysis and design of the CMDBuild application
  • creation of the application core (version 0.x), including the data model configuration, reporting system integration, dms integration, basic workflow definition.
  • installation and component configuration activities
  • data model analysis and configuration
  • initial data import (asset, personnel, etc)
  • report creation
  • training and support activities
  • support service
  • connector configuration for automatic data synchronization between CMDBuild and OCS Inventory

Additional activities were held at the Municipality of Udine regarding the project "Scuelis" and the project for the Civic Museums in Udine, both described in the two specific case studies.


During 2006 and 2007, the staff of the Information Systems of the Municipality of Udine has been engaged in revision activities regarding the service processes.

The opportunity to check the efficiency of the ICT processes was given by the adoption of ITIL best practices, tailored to specific organizational needs.

The use of the CMDBuild system represented for us an opportunity to organize the massive amount of informations managed by our staff.

Among the items currently managed by CMDBuild we have not only asset and application services, but also users credentials, locations, maintenance contracts, etc..

Antonio Scaramuzzi

Informations Systems Manager


The Municipality of Udine has promoted the CMDBuild project in several events:

  • On November 30, 2005 Dr. Scaramuzzi has presented the CMDBuild system in Milan at the 2005 edition of itSMF Italy, with a speech on "PAL adopting the ITIL best practices: the experience of the Municipality of Udine"
  • On November 7-8-9, 2006, CMDBuild was presented in Bologna at COMPA - European Exhibition of Public Communication and Services
  • On November 30, 2006, CMDBuild was presented in Milan with a speech by dr. Scaramuzzi at the third annual itSMF conference
  • On September 26-27-28, 2007, Dr. Scaramuzzi presented the CMDBuild system to the first edition of Think Open (exhibition dedicated to open source software) held in Rovigo
  • On April 8, 2008, Dr. Scaramuzzi spoke of CMDBuild in Milan, at the meeting "ITIL at Work" organized by Cogitek and related to the presentation and use of CMDBuild as a ITIL-compliant tool
  • On May 29, 2008, in a meeting organized by itSMF in Udine, we presented the project genesis and how CMDBuild was used by the Municipality of Udine
  • On March 11, 2009, Dr.Scaramuzzi held a speech at a meeting organized by the "TI Triveneto Club" on the theme of "Governance" (<a0> Triveneto-TI-2009 the Municipality of Udine has set up, in collaboration with Tecnoteca Srl and Srl Cogitek, a stand dedicated to CMDBuild at the Forum PA 2009, held in Rome from 11 to 14 May
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CNIPA has published on its Open Source Observatory a page on the CMDBuild project

Also, an interview with Dr. Scaramuzzi was published regarding collaborative development, a key concept for the CMDBuild application, used and supported by numerous public and private users.

The same interview was published on the OSOR portal (Open Source Observatory & Repository Europe) of the European Commission.

Finally, another interview to Dr. Antonio Scaramuzzi was published as part of the "Non solo fannulloni" initiative, sponsored by the Ministry of Public Administration, in collaboration with Forum PA.


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