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Invitalia (Italy)

Invitalia, the National Agency for inward investment and economic development, has implemented a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) for the management of over 80.000 annual contacts, aimed at giving information and guidance on development opportunities.

CMDBuild has been chosen as proper solution, being an open source product already in use in the Agency for the ticketing management (IT internal technical support, incident, change and asset management), whose well known versatility has allowed the integration with the existing infrastructure. In addition to the implementation of the complex workflow for contact management, it has been created a large section dedicated to the production of reports and KPI, designed to monitor in real time the CRM activity and to verify service levels.

The system has been put into production in May 2013, with the cooperation of the company Prime Value and the company Tecnoteca.

The use of CMDBuild has been definitely one of the key elements that allowed the Agency to obtain last year the Quality Certification of its Contact Centre accordingly to UNI 11200:2010 and EN 15838:2010.

Despite upgrades to new versions may cause some technical problems due to the need to re-customize certain aspects of the system, CMDBuild is now a valuable ally of the CRM Function, both for daily contact management and for the maintenance of Quality Certification

Posted on: 07/10/2014

Posted by: Loredana Caradonna

Office/Role: Responsabile Ufficio CRM