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Archimede Servizi (Municipality of San Martino Buon Albergo) Italy

Archimede Servizi is a Company owned by the Municipality of San Martino Buon Albergo (Verona - Italy), aimed at providing services in the sector of maintenance of movable and real estate assets.

Archimede Servizi identified openMAINT as a possible support tool for Facility Management just over a year ago, and, following some calls, decided to implement the project with the specialist support of Tecnoteca.

The activities initially carried out concerned the import into openMAINT of the data cards of:

  • buildings, structures and systems: public buildings, schools, parks, cemeteries, sports facilities, roundabouts, with the relative systems;
  • electrical panels relating to public lighting;
  • vehicles in use, with monitoring of deadlines (road tax, inspection, insurance) through the openMAINTscheduler.

The maintenance management functions were then activated to control the activities to be carried out in the municipal area, assigned to the technicians in charge through the preparation of a daily work program:

  • ordinary maintenance, such as mowing grass and cleaning parks, sanitizing water houses, interventions in schools, etc.;
  • extraordinary maintenance, such as redevelopments, plant adaptations, etc.;
  • corrective maintenance, such as lighting failures in schools, cemeteries, etc.

The Self-Service Portal was also activated to allow the autonomous opening of failure reports, used by the Municipality staff but also open to all citizens who can self-register on the portal and enter the request.

Finally, is currently being tested the supply to maintainers of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for the on-site registration of the interventions carried out.

The openMAINT application has now been active for several months and perfectly solves the main needs of Archimede Servizi.