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SATAP (Italy)

SATAP is the Gavio Group Company which manages the highways Turin-Milan, Turin-Piacenza, Turin-Savona and Asti-Cuneo.

The need to SATAP was to adopt an asset management system that could support the management of movable and fix assets, and in particular IT assets (desktops, notebooks, tablets, monitors, printers, software, etc.), telephony (fixed, mobile, switchboards, fax machines, SIM, etc.), safety items (fire extinguishers, cameras, etc.) and furniture (desks, chairs, wardrobes, etc.).

The adoption of CMDBuild READY2USE allowed in a particularly simple way to personalize the cards of standard assets with the technical information required, to configure the cards of some new type of asset and to load the existing data from Excel files.

Using portable devices like tablets, it has been done in the different SATAP locations a complete labelling activity of the assets, printing Barcodes, with the contemporary initial upload into the CMDBuild system.

The presence of Barcodes allows now the automatic interrogation of the assets information from smartphone devices and will make much easier and faster the year-end inventory operations; this thanks to a new module of the CMDBuild APP Mobile, which will automate the adjustment entries, working if necessary even in off-line mode.

The asset management is also facilitated by the CMDBuild GIS functionality, which makes possible the interrogation and the displacement in graphic mode directly on the SATAP building’s plans, activity in progress during these days.

The management of the assets life cycle is also enriched with special custom control reports.

Posted on: 30 March 2017

Posted by: SATAP