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Trentino Network (Italy)

Trentino Network is a public corporation that manages telecommunications networks on the territory of the Autonomous Province of Trento, providing services to the local public administrations and the TLC operators.

The main requirements of Trentino Network was to manage, through customized workflows, breakdown messages and requests for services performed by customers (over 30,000 users).

For this purpose they chose to adopt CMDBuild READY2USE and acquired Tecnoteca support.

From an operational point of view the Incident Managent workflow was immediately activated and configured, extended with an additional connector that retrieves requests from provincial registration system and locally manages CMDBuild  synchronizing the progress until the closure of the workflow.

CMDBuild also manages the second level support activities  to third parties.

Trentino Network also contributed to the project by commissioning Tecnoteca the development of new "core" features, including an extension of the rights in the management worklfow, which are now included in the code and available to those who download the application.

Posted on: 30 March 2016

Posted by: Trentino Network