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WeCity (The Netherlands)

WeCity in the Netherlands helps cities to become more sustainable, livable and inclusive. In other words: smarter. We do this with an open and transparent platform that brings together supply and demand for Smart City solutions.

A marketplace that offers more options to any product, service or solution that meets transparent, open criteria. And that makes the selection process for cities easier.

WeCity connects and takes away the hassle. With a reliable, open ecosystem for data, sensors and solutions. Accessible to any supplier. And with clear service and contract management, so that process and quality are guaranteed. This gives freedom of choice and offers guarantees. It is the reliable “one stop shop” for smart city solutions.

The platform for WeCity consists of multiple components offering distinct functionalities and preventing functional or technical lock-in. A website/portal has been developed to expose the functionality via the web and all back-end components are connected via an ESB. Right now, the following components have been deployed: Website/Portal, SSO, CRM, SIAM.

The components to build the WeCity platform had to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Rest API
  • Open Source
  • Backed by an organization
  • Flexible
  • Workflow engine
  • BIM functionality
  • ITIL processes

CMDBuild perfectly fulfills these requirements for the SIAM (Service Integration & Management) functionalities.

As we did not want to reinvent the wheel, we built our data model on the open API standards set by TMForum. This is a global community in the Telco industry, defining standardized business processes and APIs with a focus on Service Integration and Management.

We built the system from scratch with CMDBuild so we could implement the TMForum plain data model. For this we developed a toolset to import openAPI definitions into CMDBuild to create the classes, attributes and domains. Right now, only 2 of over 30 definitions are implemented but extending the data model is easy this way. It also allows us to work with one single source of truth and deploy the system from its documentation.

As we go for an API first approach for the whole platform, all this is done via the REST API of CMDBuild. With the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) we implemented the Product Maintenance and Catalogue functionality as well as the core of the Organization model. Soon we will extend this with asset management, contract management, KPI monitoring, and we will implement workflow processes to control the portal navigation for the website. All this, again, will be done via the REST API of CMDBuild.

During the development of the MVP, Tecnoteca has been of much help in developing the OAuth2 for authentication against our SSO system, and with both technical and functional support when pushing the limits of the REST API and multitenant functionality.

Paul Tap (Architect and CMDBuild specialist for WeCity)