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CCL Label Mexico

A global specialty packaging pioneer, with more than 20.000 employees, 156 production facilities in 35 different countries, CCL is the largest label company in the world and provides innovative solutions to the Home & Personal Care, Premium Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Specialty, Automotive & Durables and Consumer markets worldwide.

CCL Label is also the world’s largest converter of pressure sensitive and extruded film materials for decorative, functional and information labels. Customers include major global corporations in the consumer packaging, healthcare and consumer durable segments. CCL Label produces a wide range of specialty label products, including expanded content, WashOff™, RFID, specialty electronics (CCL Design / CCL Design Electronics), promotional games and long life pressure sensitive films to protect or replace paint. It also produces highly-decorated extruded plastic tubes for premium brands in the personal care, cosmetic and healthcare markets.

In CCL Label - Mexico, we adopted openMAINT to track our machineries and manage our maintenance activities. OpenMAINT is not only quite sophisticated and complete tool but also open source and it fits our need because it is customizable which is a great feature

Added on: Jan 31, 2017

Added by: Juan José Rosas

Office/role: Head of Technology & Maintenance