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We use CMDBuild READY2USE to manage and control the information and assets of our own datacenters and also for IT structures and services of our customers.

Our needs:

  • Unify information in one single place
  • Need to log any change made
  • Protect access to information for better security
  • Automate information management
  • Give customers access

What we required:

  • Full web application, no plugins, java or else (hosted or cloud)
  • Hardware, software, applications and service management
  • Change management
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Open architecture to be changed in time according to the needs
  • Possibility to be integrated with other products via api or other
  • Automatic information collection from inventory applications and vmware
  • Workflow engine
  • Active directory integration
  • Customer portal and access
  • Mobile application to have all the information ready anywhere anytime
  • Support and development from the software house

CMDBuild open source responded to all our requests and more!
Flexible and customizable structure based on objects and relations, workflow engine, open and manageable database, API integration

CMDBuild READY2USE allowed us to save time and money, to start with a solid base and make only the necessary changes

Aggiunto il: 04/10/2016

Aggiunto da: Gianluca Pellegrini

Ufficio/Ruolo: Technical Manager