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Localize CMDBuild

Instructions for the localization of CMDBuild

cmdbuildflagSteps to translate CMDBuild

  • Contact us to let us know that you are working on it, so to avoid duplicate work;
  • Extract the WAR archive of the current release in any directory on your computer;
  • Create your translation file in the "translations" directory, copying it from the one that will be your source language (e.g. for a German translation from the English language copy "translations/en.json" to "translations/de.json"); if needed you can use additional specifiers like pt_BR.json for Brazilian Portuguese or sr_RS.json for Serbian with cyrillic alphabe;
  • Open it with a text editor and translate it; on the Windows platform we strongly recommend Notepad++   (, but any editor capable of handling UTF-8 will do * You can test it by simply copying the file to the same directory in your server and restarting the application   (it won't have the flag, but don't worry about it);
  • Send us the file to be included in the next release along with your name and organization   (if you want) to be listed in the README file as a contributor;
  • Be willing to fill in additional strings before every release (there are a dozen strings for each release on the average).

How to translate the file

The files are currently in JSON format, so there is no authomatic way of doing it. In almost each row you will find a key/value pair and you have to translate ONLY the second part (value) if present.

This is the first part of the English localization file:

"description": "English",
"release": "2.0-dev",
"administration": {
"description": "Administration module",
"modClass": {
"add_class": "Add Class",
"attributeProperties": {           
"add_attribute": "Add Attribute",

It was traslated in Spanish as:

"description": "Español",  
"release": "2.0-dev",  
"administration": {     
"description": "Módulo de Administración",     
"modClass": {        
"add_class": "Agrega Clase",        
"attributeProperties": {           
"add_attribute": "Agrega Atributo",

Updates before each release

During the development we mark each new or updated string between HTML <em> tags (as key: "<em>value</em>") so that they can be easily found. They would also be displayed in italic when not translated. Please remove those tags after each string is translated. We will send you the final translation file about two weeks before each release, along with an updated build (WAR file) to test it. All you have to do is to fill each entry between <em> tags and send the file back to us.

In CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT there is a second level localization for the data model (classes names, attributes names, domains names and descriptions, lookup names), reports names, navigation menu, etc..

The second level localization is available by a centralized interface (menu item called “Localization” in the Administration Module). It will allow the users to operate having all the texts of the localization elements in just one page.

It is also possible to export and import the localization in the CSV format in one or more languages.