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Application already configured for the IT Governance management, ITIL compliant

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Application already configured for the Property and Facility Management and Maintenance Processes


CMDBuild consists of two main modules:

  • Administration Module, dedicated to data structures definition, user and groups management and other administrative functions
  • Data Management Module, dedicated to data visualization and manipulation, process execution and report creation.
Main features of Administrative Module:
  • classes definition (ie new object types)
  • class attributes creation
  • relationships definition ("domains")
  • lists of values ("lookup") management
  • roles and authorizations for single class definition
  • group-based navigation menus
  • report and workflow process import
  • external data interchange (through connectors configuration)
  • cartography configuration
  • options and preferences definition
Main features of Data Management Module:
  • Card data management
    • filter cards with advanced search utility and relation criteria
    • create and edit cards data
    • create and edit relations between cards
    • view history of card data updates and relations
    • add attachments to cards
    • view cartography
  • Workflow management
    • launch process
    • view process state
  • Report
    • launch simple tabulated reports
    • launch complex reports created using external editor and then imported
  • Virtual table (views) definition and consultation
  • Utility functions
    • massive card data editing
    • password editing

In addition to these two direct editing modules, CMDBuild also includes:

  • web-service SOAP with full access in read/write mode to data stored
  • daemon service to periodically synchronize data with external sources, useful to obtain automatic updates from automatic inventory system.