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CMDBuild 3.3.2 4 May 2021

The version 3.3.2 of CMDBuild ha been released.

The new main features are the following:

  • possibility of searching on the categories and on the metadata associated with the documents attachedto the data cards;
  • possibility to set permissions on attached documents different than those of the class they belong to;
  • possibility to download a zip file with all the attachments of a card;
  • possibility of saving in the user preferences the sorting of the columns in the grids;
  • export of process data as well as classes data;
  • possibility in the filters on the processes to select the current step;
  • email signature management;
  • enabling of the contextual menu in the map page.

It has also been refactored the authentication features with:

  • plugin management of the different SSO authentication available (CAS AD/LDAP, SAML 2.0, ADFS 4, OAUTH2 KEYCLOAK, etc.);
  • possibility for the user to choose one of those enabled at the login;
  • authentication on the APP with the same methods as authentication on the standard interface;
  • possibility of consulting in the Administration Module the active authentication methods and the parameters set for each.

Finally, some slowdown points reported on version 3.3.1 have been resolved.

The CMDBuild APP has been updated to the new version.