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Application already configured for the IT Governance management, ITIL compliant

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Application already configured for the Property and Facility Management and Maintenance Processes

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What is CMDBuild

CMDBuild is an open source web environment for the configuration of custom applications for the Asset Management.

It's a dynamic system that represents the current situation and knowledge of the inventory of assets and the related connections.

An example of asset that can be  managed with CMDBuild:

  • information assets: hardware (computers, peripherals, networking, telephone equipment), software (basic, environment, application software), services for users and other internal and external resources.
  • assets related to properties (buildings, plants, technical devices, furniture)
  • assets related to manufacturing plants (factories, plants, machinery) • other kinds of assets (vehicles, electro-medical, etc.)

Despite of its name, CMDBuild is not only a Modeling Environment for CMDB applications, i.e. limited within the management of a database of items (Configuration Item).

CMDBuild mechanisms allow you to manage Configuration Items and their conditions of use within the entire life cycle: processes, business rules, documents, reports, georeferences, interoperability with other systems, etc.

CMDBuild is an enterprise system based on open standards: Service Oriented Architecture, Ajax user interface, server components developed with Java Enterprise, PostgreSQL database.

What are CMDBuild top functions

  • configure data model (classes, attributes, relations)
  • configure custom workflows
  • design custom reports
  • design custom dashboards
  • ensure interoperability between applications and external data sources
  • manage and archive documents
  • geo-reference objects on 2D maps and 3D models
  • use the application in mobility
  • use barcode and QRcode
  • implement customized HTML pages
  • design self service portals for final users
  • schedule and run automated tasks
  • profile users and manage access roles
  • multitenant configuration
  • view and analize correlation between data cards
  • data import / esport through files
  • manage mail for communication and notifications
  • availability of complete history of the operations

What are CMDBuild relevant features

  • open source
  • high configurable
  • flexible and customizable
  • gradually implementable

Verticalizations of CMDBuild

Thanks to its flexibility and architecture, CMDBuild is a great solution to design a structured environment.
Starting from CMDBuild two vertical solutions have been realized:

  • CMDBuild READY2USE, a configuration of CMDBuild, ready to be used in a production environment,  for the IT asset management. (It’s ITIL compliant)
  • openMAINT, a Property & Facility Management tool specific for the management of buildings, installations, mobile assets and related logistical, economic and maintenance activities.

The maintainer

The Maintainer of CMDBuild open source project is Tecnoteca, an Italian IT Company that has been operating since 2000 in the area of web application development.

Tecnoteca srl

Tavagnacco (UD) - Italy

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