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Application already configured for the IT Governance management, ITIL compliant

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Application already configured for the Property and Facility Management and Maintenance Processes

Service support

Tecnoteca provides commercial support for CMDBuild software.

These services involve both CMDBuild configuration (data model, reports, workflow, etc) and maintenance (version upgrades, bug fixing, etc).

You can choose between these support types:

Full maintenance service

Full maintenance service includes:

  • resolution of issues related to the Administration / Management modules
  • remote installation of available updates
  • bug fixing on CMDBuild software

The service does not include custom activities like:

  • data model configuration
  • initial data import
  • report design and development
  • workflow design and development
  • connectors configuration
By subscribing to this service you have, at fixed cost, a comprehensive maintenance service (with SLA), but you don't get any support for custom configurations and other development activities.
For these additional services (sw evolution) you must also subscribe to a pay-per-use support.

The maintenance service will apply to a single CMDBuild instance.

Costs depend on instance complexity (small, medium, large) and on service levels required (silver, gold, platinum).

Activities are carried out using remote collaboration tools (Skype) and remote support (VPN, SSH, ecc).

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Pay-per-use support

By subscribing to this service you can buy support hours or days that you can use as you wish (configuration, development, etc).

The service has a fixed cost (only applied if you don't subscribe to Full Maintenance Service) and a variable cost depending on package size (20, 40, 80, 160 hours) or days number.

The support includes the following services:

  • VM download link (Ubuntu Server 64 bit) for all new CMDBuild releases (on request)
  • helpdesk in English language
You can subscribe to this service for custom configurations and development activities.

If you want you can use this service also for maintenance services but:

  • bug-fixing activities can be more expensive (no more fixed cost)
  • there are no SLA

In general, CMDBuild customers tend to subscribe to both options, the first for support based on fixed costs and SLA, the second for development activities (sw evolution).

Activities can be carried out on site or using remote collaboration tools (Skype) and remote support (VPN, SSH, ecc).

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Pay-per-use includes also training activities.