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Application already configured for the IT Governance management, ITIL compliant

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Application already configured for the Property and Facility Management and Maintenance Processes

Technical support

Tecnoteca, as Project Maintainer, offers knowledge, configuration and management support to the CMDBuild application.

In detail, we offer:
  • technical consultancy via phone / skype
  • installation and system examination (using remote connection)
  • CMDBuild data structures analysis and modeling
  • CMDBuild processes analysis and modeling
  • custom report designs
  • database initialization with preexisting data
  • system configuration and interaction with OCS inventory
  • system configuration and interaction with other databases
  • training courses on system configuration and management
  • analysis and planning of custom extensions/functions
  • annual maintenance with phone and mail assistance

Additionally, an online assistance service is active and available to help users solve simple problems about CMDBuild usage.

Contact us for technical and business questions:
Tecnoteca srl
Via L'Aquila, 1/B
33010 Tavagnacco UD
tel. 0432.689094 - fax 0432.689572
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