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The CMDBuild DAY is a biennial conference, promoted by Tecnoteca, that offers to CMDBuild and openMAINT users the opportunity to share experiences, best practices, information and suggestions about future developments.

In this occasion the maintainer Tecnoteca will present the updates on the project, the latest achievements and the roadmap for the future developments.

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Opening session

By Tecnoteca (Italy), developer and maintainer of the CMDBuild and openMAINT projects

10:00 AM CEST — Start of the Conference

Conducted by Francesco Scalettaris (Sales Staff)

10:05 AM CEST — Welcome

Fabio Bottega - CEO and CMDBuild Project Manager

10:10 AM CEST — State of the art and development plans

CMDBuild, READY2USE and openMAINT.

Case histories

10:30 AM CEST — Mr. Vincenzo Curci

Italian Republic Senato (Rome, Italy) — ITIL System Methodology

10:55 AM CEST — Mr. Carlo Simonelli

Chamber of Deputies (Rome, Italy) — CMDBuild, ITIL and Prince2 in the Chamber of Deputies

11:20 AM CEST — Mr. Jeroen Baten

Deltares (Delft, Netherlands) — CMDBuild use at Deltares

11:45 AM CEST — Cpt. Navy Primiano Testa and Mr. Alessandro Grillini

Stato Maggiore Difesa - Comando C4 - SICRAL (Bracciano (Rome), Italy) — Insource development of a System based on CMDBuild at the S.I.C.R.AL Management&Control Center

12:10 PM CEST — Mr. Marco Mazzola

RCS MediaGroup (Milan, Italy) — RCS MediaGroup - Web farm CMDB adoption

12:35 PM CEST — Mr. Stephen McCarthy

MAX Solutions (Springwood, Queensland, Australia) — CMDBuild in Max Solutions

01:00 PM CEST — Mr. Lorenzo Grosselli

Trentino Network (Trento, Italy) — CMDBuild READY2USE

01:25 PM CEST — Mr. Paolo Sustrico, Mr. Roberto Bico, Mr. Giovanni Gallia

C.S.I. PIEMONTE - Consorzio per il Sistema Informativo (Torino, Italy) — Asset Management with CMDBuild - CSI experience

01:50 PM CEST — Mr. Pavel Kraynyukhov

new WEB () LLP (Almaty, Kazakhstan) — Manipulating, Inspecting and visualizing the CMDBuild data module

02:15 PM CEST — Mr. Gianluca Pellegrini

Nanosoft (Roncadelle (Brescia), Italy) — Why CMDBuild

02:40 PM CEST — Mr. Elia Gentilucci

HSPI (Bologna, Italy) — CMDBuild adoption for FER

03:05 PM CEST — Mr. Satoru Funai

OSS Laboratories (Chiba, Japan) — Interview - CMDBuild and CMDBuild READY2USE in the japanese market

03:20 PM CEST — Mr. Zachary Holt

United Fashions of Texas, LLC (San Antonio, Texas, USA) — Interview - openMAINT as the asset management tool for fashion retail stores

03:30 PM CEST — Mr. Sendoro Juma

Singo Africa Limited (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania) — openMAINT use case - Tanzania public institutions

03:40 PM CEST — Mr. Michael Collins

Bay Area Creative Services (Oakland, California, USA) — CMDBuild as a medical devices assets manager

04:00 PM CEST — Mr. Alessandro Pasqualini

Tecnoteca srl (Tavagnacco (Udine), Italy) — CMDBuild within Tecnoteca: The Maintainer Case Study

Closing session

04:20 PM CEST — Questions and answers

Discussion panel.

04:30 PM CEST — Greeting and Thanks

Virtual conference closing session.

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