CMDBuild DAY 2018

20 November 2018 - Online Conference



Previous editions:   online 2016Roma 2014 |  Bologna 2012 |  Udine 2010


The CMDBuild DAY is a biennial conference, promoted by Tecnoteca, that offers to CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT users the opportunity to share experiences, best practices, information and suggestions about future developments.

In this occasion the maintainer Tecnoteca presents the updates on the project, the latest achievements and the roadmap for the future developments.

Conference Proceedings

Francesco Scalettaris


Welcome Greetings

Fabio Bottega


Welcome from the CMDBuild Project Manager



Presentation of CMDBuild 3 version

Davide Imbriaco


Technical-in-depth intervention on the Server components of CMBuild 3

Slide — PDF document, 1,161 kB (1,189,834 bytes)

Umberto Calligaro


Technical in-depth intervention on the Client components of CMDBuild 3

Slide — PDF document, 1,396 kB (1,429,751 bytes)

Massimiliano Malonni

ANT Group S.r.l.

CMDBuild use in the broadcast operations

Slide — PDF document, 2,455 kB (2,514,560 bytes)

Jorge Ribeiro

CGI Portugal

How CGI Southern Europe & Brazil stepped up the ITIL ladder with CMDBuild READY2USE

Slide — PDF document, 3,570 kB (3,656,432 bytes)

Nagaraju Budoor

Pulse Secure, LLC

PulseSecure & CMDBuild READY2USE

Slide — PDF document, 192 kB (196,847 bytes)

Giovanni Toscani e Mirco Assirelli

VEM Sistemi Spa + DZ Engineering Srl

openMAINT for the management of harbour maintenance activities for the Porto of Ravenna

Slide — PDF document, 7,003 kB (7,171,525 bytes)

Satoru Funai

OSS Laboratories

CMDBuild in the Japanese Market

Slide — PDF document, 501 kB (513,566 bytes)

K. Anders An

awesomeWare Co.

Asset information management with CMDBuild

Yasmin Khairina

Universität Innsbruck

The implementation of CMDBuild in the University of Innsbruck

Slide — PDF document, 1,349 kB (1,382,098 bytes)

Ezio Maino

Lario Reti Holding S.p.A.

Interview: openMAINT for the management of the Integrated Water Service of the Municipalities of the Province of Lecco

Carla Lunardi, Cristiano Spotorno

Liguria Digitale S.p.A.

Liguria Digitale and CMDBuild READY2USE

Slide — PDF document, 1,357 kB (1,390,036 bytes)

Leon van der Krogt

UMCG - University Medical Center Groningen

CMDBuild at the UMCG, University Medical Center Groningen

Slide — PDF document, 14,317 kB (14,661,548 bytes)

Jason Liu

CITIC Prudential Fund Management Company

CMDBuild READY2USE in Citic-Prudential Fund Management

Slide — PDF document, 1,232 kB (1,262,115 bytes)

Alessio Neri

Estracom S.p.A.

5G and IPv6 challenge with CMDBuild

Slide — PDF document, 5,900 kB (6,042,330 bytes)

Gianfranco Miceli

Sicilia Digitale S.p.A.

Interview: CMDBuild READY2USE in the heart of IT asset management of Sicily Region

Francesco Regazzo

Comdata S.p.A.

Data Archiving and Management through openMAINT

Slide — PDF document, 1,482 kB (1,517,866 bytes)

Giancarlo Quagliaroli

Eurovita S.p.A.

CMDBuild READY2USE and ITIL processes for an Insurance Company

Elisa Cum

Keep Point S.c.r.l.

From BIM models to openMAINT

Slide — PDF document, 1,121 kB (1,148,310 bytes)

Alessandro Pasqualini

Tecnoteca srl

Final Greetings

Slide — PDF document, 854 kB (875,513 bytes)

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