An environment for the configuration of custom and ITIL compliant solutions for IT Governance and other asset management solutions.


A preconfigured solution for the IT GOVERNANCE, ITIL compliant.


Already configured application for real estate management and maintenance.

CMDBuild 2.4

Download the latest version released on March 31, 2016. Available in 17 languages, chosen by hundreds of organizations worldwide to manage IT assets and not only ......

CMDBuild is an enterprise system: Java server-side Web GUI Ajax, SOA-based webservice. All reusing the best open source technologies and following industry standards.


Download the latest version of CMDBuild and start to configure your CMS (Configuration Management System).

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Request the access to the online demo: you will find a simple example of CMDBuild configuration.

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The functionalities of your IT Governance System

Using the CMDBuild configuration tools listed above you can activate a complete CMS (Configuration Management System) to manage your IT Department according to ITIL best practices.

Your CMS will manage for example configuration items related to the organizational (people, offices, locations, etc.) and purchasing area (suppliers, orders, etc.), of "client" (computers, peripherals, etc.) and infrastructural type (server, virtualization systems, network equipment, cabling, etc.), telephony, client and server software, will include the Service Desk (Incident Management, Request Fulfillment, Change Management) and Asset Management (assets life cycle) workflows, will use connectors with external systems to control and synchronize data of employees, physical computers and virtual servers, will include reports and dashboards, the "mobile" interface and a Self-Service portal for interaction with the company staff.

Or you can choose to use the pre-configured solution CMDBuild READY2USE that already includes these features and you can easily customize further.

Take advantage of all CMDBuild features!

Ask for our business support We have assisted hundred of companies to install and configure CMDBuild

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My client Applied Science, Inc., a United States leading supplier of medical devices, assigned me to research and evaluate a variety of Asset Management Systems for use in servicing their U.S. and ...

Applied Science, Inc (USA)
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Sono molto soddisfatto del prodotto che mi permette di gestire gli Item e il loro ciclo di vita in modo reale. Altri strumenti ci costringevano ad adattare la realtà alle teorie... Inoltre segnalo ...

CSI Piemonte
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Il prodotto è articolato, un attimo complesso da comprendere ma con ottime potenzialità tra cui la flessibilità di impostazione. Purtroppo nei cambi di release si sono perse funzionalità importanti ...
In Antel stiamo già utilizzando CMDBuild in regime di produzione. Ci è servito splendidamente per il modello delle classe e delle loro relazioni, e per il caricamento e  visualizzazione dei dati. ...

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