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Editor and report engine

Editor and report engineAn efficient management requires various reports in order to consult and control data registered in the system: summary, analytic, statistical with various charts, etc.

Simple table reports can be created by the user interface of CMDBuild by printing class and view content in .PDF or .CSV.

In order to design more sophisticated reports you would use the external visual editor JasperStudio from the open source suite JasperReports, which allows you to manage intuitively layout, formatting, grouping, sorting, running total, subreport, images, chart, etc.

The visual editor produces an XML descriptor, which is imported to CMDBuild and associated to the related report.
The internal engine JasperReports will interpret the XML file and execute the related report.

In this way you can configure reports for the production of tables and lists, letters and documents, statistics with various charts, labels with barcode / qrcode, etc.

Also in this case the solution adopted by CMDBuild provides a complete separation between "core" code and metadata, allowing all users to extend and customize their report system.

Through proper training courses, the System Administrator can acquire the necessary skills for the implementation of custom reports and solve quickly new problems notified by the company business.

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