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Data Import / Export through files

Data Import / Export through filesIn addition to the possibility of automatically reading / writing data in the CMDB through webservice, there is also a sophisticated import / export system through files in the most common formats  "CSV", "XLS" and "XLSX".

In case of importing, you can work in "merge" mode, by editing the already available strings (recognized through a unique key), inserting the new ones and deleting the missing ones (logic cancellation or change of the application status).

The import / export operation can be done both in interactive mode from user interface (through the contextual menu) and in batch mode.

There is a complete error handling, shown in the user interface if working in interactive mode and sent per e-mail. Once the errors have been corrected, the file can be recharged without having to change it, since the already imported strings will be ignored.

In order to manage the quite complex operations in a simplified way, the new system will be based on the configuration of specific "templates" in the Administration Module. For each class / domain, one or more templates can be configured through diversified access permissions that include all information useful for the operation automation: class / domain name, attributes mapping, operation type, possible export filter, unique key and deleting mode for the import, header string in the file, executing task for the batch mode, etc.