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HistoryIn order to assure the complete traceability of operations, CMDBuild historicizes the edited cards and relations.

This allows you to control the complete situation of a portion of the CMDB in a certain date (for example for analyzing the contest in which a breakdown occured), date back to the operator who did an irregular edit on data, calculate an inventory in a certain previous data, etc.

The filing of each "historic" card includes all attributes of this card, its initial and final dates and the username of the operator who did the change.

Operators can also consult the list of all changes done on a data card, where for each version the edited attributes are highlighted.

You can also create views and reports that open or print a situation (inventory, list of open tickets, etc.) at any previous date.

A visual browse mode will be implemented: you will be able to consult the historic data of the CMDB (in read-only mode), by selecting the chosen date through a specific time slider.

From a technical point of view, this process is implemented through historic derived tables (thanks to the native mechanism of the database PostgreSQL) from the main table and fed over time through triggers at each change of a card or of a relation.