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Database modeling

Database modelingCMDBuild has a sophisticated mechanism that allows users to configure or edit the data model of their application instance.

Thanks to CMDBuild, you are not only able to define some additional attributes, but you will be able to create an entire custom database from scratch, in terms of:

  • "classes", i.e. database tables
  • class "attributes", i.e. table columns (for every type, included lists with closed values and foreign keys)
  • "domains", i.e. relation types, even with any specific additional attributes
  • "lookup", i.e. lists with closed values that can be associated to a class attribute
  • “inheritance", i.e. the possibility of specializing a class in "subclasses", by adding specific attributes and domains and sharing the attributes and domains of the superclass (even on more levels)
  • "views" based on filters or SQL queries

The entities, modeled through the Administration Module, can be provided through custom menus according to the role.

The complete configurability of the data model allows you to:

  • adopt a policy to gradually create the CMDB, developing its data structure through following steps and reducing the risks a complex project can involve;
  • solve autonomously the need of managing new kind of items, without recurring to expensive software changes;
  • choose a detail level proportional to the organization needs, human resources, financial, information and technology, without weighing down the first schema.

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