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Application already configured for the IT Governance management, ITIL compliant

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Application already configured for the Property and Facility Management and Maintenance Processes

Webservices and connectors

Webservices and connectorsBesides user interfaces (GUI), CMDBuild provides REST and SOAP webservices, i.e. programmatic interfaces that allow to interact with the system (read and write data, execute operations, etc.) through the programming code.

The interfaces themselves (in particular the REST one) are used also within CMDBuild for the interaction among its various components.

When used externally, they allow to implement interoperability solutions with external applications and systems interested in exchanging data and notifications with CMDBuild.

Some possible scenarios:

  • automatically accepting in CMDBuild any updates of data whose main manager (master) is an external specialized system, for example
    • an application for the asset management
    • an application for the staff's management
    • an ERP system for receiving purchase orders of new assets
    • tools for managing infrastructure (control systems, inventory systems, etc.)
  • receiving automatic notifications of malfunctions from monitoring systems
  • interacting with IOT systems (Internet of Things) like sensors, data collection centers, etc.

Webservices are used from the following external CMDBuild components:

  • the CMDBuild Advanced Connector Framework (written in Java and parameterizable through the scripting Groovy language), which is able to interact with CMDBuild through its own webservice and with the external system both through the third-party webservice and through direct access to the database and through CSV file reading or e-mail reception (available also if subscribing the maintenance service)
  • the CMDBuild GUI Framework, which is useful for creating simplified interfaces for non-technical users
  • the mobile APP, which can be used to work with CMDBuild by smartphones and tablets (available if subscribing the maintenance service)

Every CMDBuild user can also use the same webservices to implement custom interoperability solutions.