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Documents archive

Documents archiveThe documents are an important informative component related to each card (Configuration Item) filed in the CMDB: pictures (locations, items, plants, etc.), videos, technical documentation (manuals, brochures, certifications, etc.), administrative documentation (bills, invoices, contracts, etc.), set of forms, error screenshots, etc.

CMDBuild allows operators to upload and attach files to every card with no number or type limit.

For every file you can add a description and a classification according to categories defined by the system administrator.

From every card you can also open the list of attached documents and download the desired ones or open them in the browser.

CMDBuild suggests as embedded document repository the DMS Alfresco system, which is market leader among the open source solutions, but it can also use other DMS systems compatible with the CMIS standard (Content Management Interoperability Services).

Using the CMIS protocol, the documents are sent to the chosen document system, which will file them and return them to CMDBuild in order to be opened.

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