Mobile interface

Mobile interface

Many of the operations performed in the Asset Life-Cycle Management take place “on field”

(delivery/computer and peripherals withdrawal, malfunctioning solving, inventory, etc.) and recording them straight during their development it’s particularly useful to avoid delays and mistakes.

For this aim, we have created a CMDBuild “Mobile” Interface for smartphone and tablet.

CMDBuild “Mobile” is an app that implements the desktop interface main features : navigation menu, data cards management with reports and files attached, researches and filters, workflow management with mainwidget, report printing, utility functions with configuration parameters and logs viewing.

CMDBuild “Mobile” also includes the additional functionalities typical of the desktop interface:

  • possibility to take photographs and store them in CMDB as attached files
  • possibility to read barcodes and QR codes and access automatically to the correspondent data tab viewing.

CMDBuild “Mobile” can be used with Android devices (version 4.0.3 or higher) and iOS (version 6 or higher).

To access to the app you need to subscribe to the maintenance service.



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