According to ITIL, an essential requirement for a CMDB (Configuration Management Database)  is to allow tracing of all Configuration Item (CI) and the correlations between them.

Correlations between CIs are just as important as the descriptive information of the CIs since they inform you about the dependencies of each entities with others. Consider the following as an example:

  • Who is the seller of a CIs and what kind of warranty is provided
  • Which CIs form a workplace
  • Who is the owner of a CI and who is the technical contact
  • Which servers provide what services
  • Which user uses what service and with which SLA

The database modeling mechanism which is available in CMDBuild let you create all kind  of domains" (relation types) that you consider useful both for cardinality 1: N (in this case related to "reference" attributes, which correspond to the "foreign key"), and for cardinality N:M.

It is also possible to configure a specific relational attribute (for instance the role that an operator has when he’s responsible for a CI, the color of a cable that connects two ports, and so on..).

The Data Management Module interface includes a special TAB for each page, which allows you to:

  • display predefined relationships
  • create new relationships (those associated with "reference" type attributes are implicitly created)
  • change a relationship (depending on the cardinality of the "domain")
  • delete a relationship
  • display the connected sheet
  • browse the linked sheet, similar as following a link

Worth mentioning is that the GUI Framework configuration requires some Javascript code editing, which is though simplified thanks to the available templates and method libraries that are available.

Useful links
Administrator Manual: Manage Domains
User Manual: Cards - Relations TAB

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