Relationship paradigm

Relationship paradigm

A necessary condition for a CMDB (Configuration Management Database) is the possibility of describing all managed Configuration Item (CI) and all related connections.

The connections among CIs are as important as the describing information of the CIs, since they allow to know the mutual dependencies and analyze the possible effects in case of changes, breakdowns, etc.

When modeling the database, CMDBuild allows you to create all necessary domains (types of relations), for both cardinality 1:N and N:M.

You can also configure specific attributes of a domain (e.g. the role for which an operator is responsible for a CI, the color of a cable that connects two CIs, etc.).

When using CMDBuild, you will be naturally led to register the relations among CIs and consult them and navigate intuitively.

The interface of Management Module allows the operators to:

  • open the list of the already defined relations
  • create new relations, explicitly by selecting the domain and the CIs to be linked, or implicitly optimizing a reference attribute (foreign key in CMDBuild)
  • edit or delete a relation
  • navigate on the connected card, as if following a link
  • open the relations in a graphic way (see following paragraph)
Useful links
Administrator Manual: Manage Domains
User Manual: Cards - Relations TAB

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