Emails are extremely important in the management of IT Services, as they  are the main mechanism of CMDBuild communication between users and for event notification.

Emails can be generated from:

  • workflow engine, manually through the use of interactive management widgets or automatically via API
  • by the Scheduler, automatically following a received email on a specific account, as a warning of operations performed on the data, etc.
  • a data sync connector, attached to the list of performed activities
  • by an operator who is working in the Data Management Module, through the specific  page (TAB) for the email management which is available in every tab.

The physical forwarding to the mail server is  managed by a dedicated "daemon" by using a queue stored on the database, which allows to centrally check any sending error.

The mail management system allows you:

  • to select in the Administration Module
    • the involved mail accounts
    • the ready-to-use templates (that are updated with the data added in the interface)
  • have Data Management Module of the following features:
    • writing an email from blank
    • creating an email from a template of your choice
    • automatic regeneration of the email according to the value of the fields shown in the template
    • sending attachments stored in your system or already loaded in the Alfresco document system
    • delay the sending  (in hours, days, weeks, months)
Useful links
Administrator Manual: Manage Mail
User Manual: Cards - Mail TAB

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