In the IT management operations it is often useful to know and keep updated the precise location of every item (GeoReference).

CMDBuild includes three possible solutions in order to do so, which can also be used together:

  1. GeoReference of objects on territorial map (e.g. buildings or data lines or assets placed externally to buildings such as cabinets, traffic lights, traffic cameras, etc)
  2. GeoReference of objects on floor plans of buildings (e.g. IT assets or furniture, fire extinguishers, etc.)
  3. GeoReference objects within 3D models

In all three cases the position of items  display, query and editing are available directly from the web browser, without the need for any plug-ins.

In the first case, you can use several map services (OpenStreetMap, Google maps, etc).

In the second case you can load the plans as "background files", while the position of the item is stored in the same database PostgreSQL, using the PostGIS spatial extension.

In the third case, CMDBuild supports the BIM paradigm (Building Information Modeling), which is a conceptual solution that aims to manage the process of architectural design, from the initial idea to the construction phase of the building, its use and maintenance, until demolition at the end of its life cycle.

CMDBuild can automatically synchronize in a bidirectional way the information handled in a 3D architectural design software, with its own database using open standard IFC (Industry Foundation Classes).

CMDBuild comes with an interactive 3D Model Viewer, integrated in the standard user interface, through which you can view the interiors of buildings and the related assets.

BIM capabilities have been implemented with the collaboration of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Udine - Italy.

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Administrator Manual: GIS, BIM

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