Relation Graph

Relation Graph

The Relationships Graph is a tool for viewing and analyzing the correlations between data cards.

The Relationships Graph has two main goals:

  1. analyze the correlations between data cards, with the help of Visual features available,
  2. create complex mechanisms to perform functions of "impact assessment" on data (MTO, planned for the first half of next year).

An important element of Visual innovation is the decision of working in 3D mode, having in this way a spatial dimension in which working and ensuring optimal results in the display of graphs containing thousands of nodes and relationships.

The features available in the Relationship Graph tool let you:

  • act on the area occupied by the graph: pan, zoom, rotate, regeneration of the graph
  • select a tab and navigate in 3D mode following its relations (all of them or manually filtered on specific domains  or automatically filtered by applying a default template)
  • select a subset of business classes and operate on the restricted graph
  • explore clusters of objects which will appear as a single element
  • apply algorithms (distances calculation, shortest distances, etc)
  • always have complete data available of datasheets and scanned reports

Soon the instrument will also apply semantic functionalities to the shown entities  and will perform "what if" analysis (data impact analysis), which are useful to manage complex operations with a high impact on users (This feature will be available to those who have subscribed to the maintenance service).

The user interface of the Relationships Graph consists of a "custom" page inside CMDBuild, based on the GUI Framework.

From a technical point of view the 3D, and the consequent attention to performance issues, led to the choice of standard library Three.js which is widely used. This library relies on the power of OpenGL. We then decided to integrate in a unique environment, Cytoscape.js library, which is rich of graph analysis algorithms and has been used for years especially in the field of molecules studies.

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