GUI Framework

GUI Framework

CMDBuild standard user interface is addressed to the technical operators who use it regularly.

However, it’s often necessary to make some CMDBuild features usable for non-IT users who want to work in intranet portals or,  in wider terms, on pre-existing or developed ad hoc external web pages. An external portal, earlier connected to CMDBuild, allows for example to start and follow a fault reporting procedure, to look up some FAQ, to approve requests from other users, to consult one’s own assets, etc.

It can also be useful to implement in CMDBuild some pages with an user interface which is more complex than the one automatically produced by CMDBuild according the data model.

CMDBuild GUI Framework is the problem’s solution for these requirements, since gives you the possibility to create simplified interfaces for non-IT users.

More specifically, GUI Framework has the following features:

  • It’s configurable in portals and exernal web pages based on different technologies (inasmuch it’s developed in javascript / JQuery environment).
  • It’s configurable as “custom” page’s type inside CMDBuild Menu to implement sophisticated functional interfaces useful to solve some critical recurring necessities.
  • It gives an almost unlimited freedom in designing the graphical layout, by defining an XML descriptor and by the possibility to operate on CSS style sheet.
  • It ensures reduced configuration time thanks to specific features for the interaction with CMDBuild and to native graphic solutions (form, grid, upload and other widget buttons).
  • It communicates with CMDBuild core through the REST webservice.

The GUI Framework configuration requires some Javascript and XML code editing, however simplified thanks to the available templates and method libraries.

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