Custom interfaces

Custom interfaces

CMDBuild makes available further mechanisms to get user interfaces and custom business logics.

Simultaneously with the data model design, you can configure custom behaviors when editing the related forms: validating criteria for attributes, possibility of hiding or making not editable an attribute according to the inserted data, possibility of enhancing an attribute according to the value of other attributes.

Thanks to the features of the framework Sencha ExtJs (used also for the implementation of the CMDBuild GUI), you can realize in javascript custom web pages you can open from the application menu and subject to the standard security mechanisms.

It is possible to program in javascript custom widgets, which operators can use in the form of popup windows during the update of cards and processes.

It is possible to configure from the Administration Module contextual menus, which will quicken the execution of the commands useful in the current context, will be available during the visualization and navigation among data, will have their own user interface realized with the same modalities of the custom pages and will be implemented through javascript code.

And, finally, it is possible to configure from the Administration Module triggers that will be processed at the occurring of the different events associated with the data management forms (visualization, pre-charging, post-confirmation, etc.) and will be written through javascript code.

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