Database modeling

Database modeling

CMDBuild has a simple but powerful feature that allows each user to configure and change the data model of their application instance. It is not simply possible to define some fields, like other products allow you to do, with CMDBuild it is also possible to create from scratch a fully customized database in terms of:

  • "classes", ie database tables
  • "attributes" of the classes, such columns of tables (of all possible types)
  • "domain",  which are the types of relationships, even with any additional specific attribute
  • "lookups", which are the lists of values ​​associated with a specific classes attribute
  • "inheritance", which is the possibility of "specializing" a class by adding specific "attributes" and "domains" and sharing the "attributes" and "domains" of the superclass (also multi-level)
  • "views" based on filters or SQL queries
This important feature allows you to:
  • gradually adopt the CMDB, developing the data structure step-by-step and therefore reducing the risks involved in starting a project which is too complex
  • autonomously solve the need to manage new types of objects, without expensive software changes
  • select the right level of detail to start with, which must be adapted to the needs of the organization and the human, financial, information and technology resources available in order to avoid a “too heavy to handle” initial scheme

In this way all types of entities needed in a IT Governance can be configured  (Configuration Items, Suppliers and Orders, Locations, staff and offices, etc.) or other specific entities required in your Organization can be created.

Useful links
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