Administration Module

Administration Module

CMDBuild includes two main modules:

  • the Administration Module, only for administrators users, is intended for the startup of the basic configuration and the consecutive modifications.
  • the Data Management Module, used by operators, lets you manage for the data cards consultation and update, run the processes, print of the reports, etc.

The main features of the Administration Module include:

  • Data model definition
    • creation of new “classes”, that is to say, new types of objects in the system
    • creation and modification of the “attributes” of a class (normal and geographic)
    • definition of the “widgets” to be placed on the “class” management form
    • definition of the workflows persistence information
    • importing of the workflow
    • printing of the data model schema (complete or only limited to the requested class)
    • creation of “domains”, that is to say, types of relations and their possible attributes
    • creation of list of tables (“lookup”) to manage the attributes of default values
  • Views and filters definition
    • creation of default filters that can be used during the data consultation on different classes
    • creation of “views” both using data filters and using  SQL query
  • Navigation trees definition
  • Dashboard and report definition
    • dashboard configuration
    • external report customs’ layout import
  • Users and groups management
    • creation of users
    • creation of users’ groups
    • definition of the grants and roles for each group and each class or subset of class’ rows and columns.
    • definition of customized menu for different type of users
  • Task Manager and background processes configuration
  • Mail management
    • account configuration
    • definition of the templates for mails notification
  • GIS configurations
  • BIM configurations
  • Parameters and options settings
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Administrator Manual

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